Six Essential Skills to Biz Success

Infographic created by Sonia Colon

The following are six essential skills to business success. You may not have developed all of these skills, but like most things in life, you can by learning, practicing and determination. Implement and check mark these skills off your own… Continue Reading

How to Offer Freebies at Your Website for Repeat Visitors

How to Offer Freebies at Your Website for Repeat Visitors

In previous articles, I talk about the importance of providing good quality information on your website(s). The key to a successful website is to build credibility so that your visitors will continue to refer to you for resolutions to their… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

5 Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

If you write for a living, then you’re well aware that writer’s block is sometimes the norm and not the exception. Writing is challenging and sometimes we need help. Check out the 5 tips for overcoming  writer’s block: Write with… Continue Reading

Infographic Blog Versus A Non-Blog for Business

Blog versus a non-blog for business

The infographic below shares the pros and cons of a blog versus a non-blog for business. The concern of most business owners I come in contact with, want to know if managing a blog should even be a goal. Although,… Continue Reading