Infographic How Instagram Stories Can Boost Your Business Growth

Infographic How Instagram Stories Can Boost Your Business Growth Instagram Stories lets you capture and share all the moments of your day! Below are ways you can use it to boost your business for success and growth. Apply the following… Continue Reading

10 Powerful Advantages to Being Your Own Boss

Just the other day, I get a call from the school my daughter attends telling me she was running a fever and I needed to pick her up. Now, let’s be honest, if I were working at a brick and… Continue Reading

How to Keep Organized for Business Growth

I’m the first one to admit that organization doesn’t come easy when you’re tackling many things at the same time. This article will discuss ways on how to keep organized for business growth. Write down your goals It helps to… Continue Reading

How to Be Discovered on Twitter The Right Way

It really goes without saying that Social media is a powerful tool.  You have to do the work to get your business noticed and stick to a plan in accomplishing your goals. In this, article, I’d like to talk about… Continue Reading

Informative Ways on How to Structure Your New Business

Informative Ways on How to Structure Your New Business When you start a business, it is imperative to have your business legally prepared. How do you ask? You need to have a business license, a home occupation license if running… Continue Reading

Does Your Home Based Business Idea Have Market Potential

  Your home based business ideas need a market to cater too. Market research is golden to the success of your business. The key is to identify a niche and a need in the marketplace is imperative. Find the answer… Continue Reading

6 Business Mistakes to Avoid

Throughout my years in business, I’ve made my share of mistakes. Below, I’m going to share “6 Business Mistakes To Avoid.” I’ve always felt that I learn more from my mistakes than from my successes. Therefore, I’m hoping that by sharing… Continue Reading

Infographic 5 Essential Skills to Connect With Customers

Infographic 5 Essential Skills to Connect With Customers. Finding people to connect with, people to follow you and people to trust you and your business is a skill. When businesses lose touch with your customers, they become ineffective. Staying connected… Continue Reading

Keyword Stuffing Dos & Don’ts

Although keywords are essential for marketing content, there’s a wrong way and a right way of using them on websites. Wrong way The wrong way is abusing the power of keywords. It creates a poor user experience, visitors will reject… Continue Reading

Top 10 Tips for Website Promotion

The following top 10 tips for website promotion are great for business exposure. Business owners constantly look for new and cost-effective ways to promote their website(s). 1. Business Cards: Business cards are essential to any business. Announce your URL website… Continue Reading

Infographic 5 Tips to Choosing Your Business Products Carefully

Check out the following Infographic 5 Tips to Choosing Your Business Products Carefully: Infographic 5 Tips to Choosing Your Business Products Carefully You have to be the expert before you even start your business. Know your product or service inside… Continue Reading

5 Simple Goals for Business Planning

This article, 5 Simple Goals for Business Planning, is an oldy that I wrote and published back in 2011 but the concepts still apply today. Having a plan for business growth is essential. Creating a strategic plan of action can… Continue Reading

Tips for A Successful Email and Mobile Marketing Campaign

Many people feel email marketing is dead. On the contrary,  email marketing remains the predominant form of communication in the business space. The big question is how do consumers and business people read and interact with their emails whom are… Continue Reading

How Do You Define Your Market Niche

An important part of planning your small home-based business is to know who will use your product(s)/service(s). Market research is key to your business success! The vast majority of small businesses will rely on their communities for sales. However, it… Continue Reading

Infographic Marketing via Facebook or Google Adwords

Infographic Check out the following Infographic – Facebook marketing vs. Google Adwords. This infographic features the differences between Pay models, targeting capabilities, ad design, cost to pay, conversion, targeting used for, keywords, likes, demo, Avg cost, demographics, internal/external destination URL,… Continue Reading

How to Dominate Your Brand With An Online Presence

  Below are 5 tips on how to dominate your brand with an online presence. People are constantly searching for valuable information online. Are you providing them with the information they need directly from your site? If you have an… Continue Reading

5 Tips on How to Use Twitter to Your Business Advantage

Below, I’ve listed 5 Tips on How to Use Twitter to Your Business Advantage: The benefits you gain in utilizing a social marketing format like Twitter are amazing. Twitter gives you instant access to millions of users that you can… Continue Reading

How to Create Attractive Ideas and Increase Your Followers

Do you struggle with getting quality based followers? A lack of creative and attractive ideas for your blog may be the cause.     On my traffic report (see photo above), it shows a bit of a decline from July… Continue Reading

How to Optimize Your Articles With Affiliate Marketing Attraction

Article writing should not be rocket science. Articles should be short, simple and to the point (around 400 words).  There is no doubt that learning how to optimize your articles with affiliate marketing attraction within your niche topic, is important… Continue Reading

Infographic 25 Business Marketing Must-Haves to Be Successful

I’ve compiled this Infographic 25 Business Marketing Must-Haves to Be Successful. This is a great infographic to keep and refer back too. Following this Infographic, you’ll also find it written out as a summary with additionally supported notes: 1. Wake… Continue Reading

Infographic Blog Versus A NonBlog for Business

Check out the following Infographic Blog Versus a NonBlog for business: The concern for most business owners I come in contact with, want to know if managing a blog should even be a goal to attain. Personally, I think the… Continue Reading

10 Powerful Codes for A Successful Website

The following 10 Powerful Codes for A Successful Website isn’t just for geeks anymore. Coding really isn’t that hard. I’ve practically taught myself basic coding and you can learn it too. A Little History – The Internet & The World… Continue Reading

How to Stay Healthy Working From Home

It is truly a blessing and a privilege to  be able to work from the comfort of my home. However, I’m the first to admit that sometimes working non-stop can be detrimental to one’s health. I’ve seen many people work… Continue Reading

15 Powerful Mobile Apps for The On The Go Entrepreneur

  Many entrepreneurs use their smartphones to run their businesses. Personally, I’m always on the go and my smartphone is my best friend. I’m not always on my computer but I still need to run my business while also being… Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Blog from Biting the Dust

Is your blog in need of some tender loving care?  Let’s explore how to keep your blog from biting the dust with the following steps: 1. Responsive Site Let your readers reach you not only via a computer/laptop but also… Continue Reading

Want to Boost Your Blog – Use These 15 Helpful Links

  Want to Boost Your Blog – Use These 15 Helpful Links by clicking on each numbered sub-heading below. It’s amazing how fast time goes by. I remember when I began posting articles for “My Fashion E-Mall Blog” back in… Continue Reading

5 Key Tips for How to Comment on Blog Sites

Do you agree that every webmaster and blogger relies upon traffic generation for online success? There are methods that have proven to be effective like blog commenting which can send highly targeted traffic back to your own blog/website. When you… Continue Reading

Top Ten Money Making Tips for A Successful Online Business

There are a few things you must do to have a successful business. Below I’ve listed the Top Ten Money Making Tips for A Successful Business: 1. Quality You must be able to provide a quality product/service which people want… Continue Reading

5 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Aside from learning how to attract interest back to your blog, you should also be making your blog/website mobile friendly? Below, learn the 5 tips to make your website mobile friendly: 1. Avoid small fonts It is important to make… Continue Reading

Does My Small Business Need A Website

Having a company website is essential if you want your business to be successful and flourish. Unfortunately, too many business owners avoid working on their online presence since they are under the misconception that it is more trouble than it’s… Continue Reading

How to Attract Interest Back to Your Blog

If you’ve noticed a decline in your blog page views, then it’s time to start attracting interest back to your blog with the following tips: Re-purpose your older articles If you’ve been blogging for a long time (like me) then… Continue Reading

Infographic Are You Marketing Your Articles Effectively

Infographic Are You Marketing Your Articles Effectively Are You Marketing Your Articles Effectively? | Infographics Do you agree with the above Infographic Are You Marketing Your Articles Effectively? Please share your comments below. ______________ If you liked this infographic post,… Continue Reading

Tips to Increase Traffic with Twitter

Twitter is a great way to generate traffic for your site. There are many programs online that can help you with managing your Twitter account. The more people you follow on Twitter, the more Twitter users will follow you. Twitter… Continue Reading

10 Powerful Tips to Use for Pinterest Success

Learn the 10 Powerful Tips to Use for Pinterest Success below. Pinterest is another social networking site that is exploding in popularity. Although, unique in style from Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has the same concept in terms of attracting likes,… Continue Reading

What are The 7 Best SEO Tips For Bloggers

Now that you have the 5 successful skills every blogger should develop down packed, you should know that today’s blogging has become a hot activity on the Internet. There are millions of blogs which have become a source of bread… Continue Reading

Are You Using Instagram to Market Your Business

There are so many different marketing strategies a business can use to boost their brand. Every advantage should be taken and every chance at free advertising must be used in order to make your business succeed.  In this highly competitive… Continue Reading

The 3 Simplest Ways to Balance Family and Business

It can become a bit daunting when running a home-based business plus balancing life issues. Your schedule will not only belong to you but also of your family. Personally, I like to think that working from home has become a… Continue Reading

How to Get Your Blog Discovered With Videos

A subscriber of mine asked the other day if videos were important to have on a blog. My answer is yes! Getting your blog discovered using video is just one of many promotional tactics you should be using. However, it… Continue Reading

10 Quality Tips on How to Drive Website Traffic

Are you using these 10 Quality Tips on How to Drive Website Traffic? Search engines are a vital part on how to drive website traffic. Keyword searches on popular engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are what people type… Continue Reading

10 Tips on How to Keep Up With Your Blog Expectations

Blog writing in and of itself is hard work and adding helpful information is key to a successful site. In this article, I’ll share 10 tips on how to keep up with your blog expectations. Your blog should offer the… Continue Reading

5 Mistakes and Solutions for Choosing A Hosting Company

Have you missed me? I must say it is so GOOD to be back! I’ve missed writing to you and sharing my knowledge on home office business success with powerful marketing articles. I can assure you that this web hosting… Continue Reading

Infographic 5 Key WordPress Plugins to An Effective Blog

Along with writing a blog, it goes without saying that most blogs require interactive plugins to spice things up. The below Infographic 5 Key WordPress Plugins to An Effective Blog can help:   Keep in mind that plugins are tools… Continue Reading