10 Actionable Ways to Make Money by Blogging

10 Actionable Ways to Make Money by Blogging

If you are deciding on managing a blog or already have a blog and are not making any money, the following ’10 Actionable Ways to Make Money by Blogging’ is for you.

At its most basic level, a blog is simply a way for you to get information and also provide the type of information your readers are seeking.  Of course, it is one of the easier ways for you to do so and once you have the blog established, you can upload your articles with the click of a button.

First, you want to provide your readers with quality based articles that will help them in some way. Then, once you’ve established a loyal tribe of followers and subscribers, offer them additional brands that add value to your blog via campaigns. One way to do this is through sponsored posts.

Sponsored Posts Opportunities

A sponsored post is also known as a promoted post. They are on social media and blogs. There are so many different ways to get opportunities for sponsored posts and so many different ways that you can do it.

Once you have your blog set up, you need to decide what you’re going to blog about. Make sure that you focus on one particular subject as this is one of the biggest secrets of how to make money blogging.

Become An Influencer

The following media companies are great to start out with. I use some of them myself. If you find something that compliments your blog’s theme and adds value, check them out and become an influencer for those companies.

1. Influenster

– Gain access to digital coupons from everyday brands just for being active on social media. Influensters who connect their social accounts to amass a high Impact score tend to unlock the most exclusive VoxPerks! Make sure to be on the lookout for activities to get even better deals on select VoxPerks before you redeem them.

2. Weavemade

– Weave was founded by a blogger, with the influencer publisher in mind. With the goal to move away from monotony and allow for creativity, Weave gives influencers a hands on experience with brands from purchase to post.

3. Sverve

– Monetize your influence. You work hard to build your online presence, Sverve works hard to help you monetize it. Hundreds of brands use Sverve to connect with you to get their message to your followers.

4. Massivesway

– Massive Sway brings you smart social media opportunities that will ultimately support you on your road to success.

5. Markerly

– Join Markerly choice and work with top brands.

6. Social Fabric

– Are you looking to be in the business of blogging? Are you looking to connect with great brands? Learn how to monetize your blog? Grow your audience? Then you’ve come to the right place.

7. TapInfluence

– Are you a blogger who loves sharing your stories and experiences with your readers? Are you passionate about creating and sharing visual content on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram? Do you have a gift for making videos on YouTube or Vine? Are you a champion for brands you love? If you answered yes to any of those, you’re in the right place.

8. Blueprint Social

– Are you interested in becoming an approved blogger? They would love to have you! They are seeking blogs of all shapes and sizes, bloggers who: Are passionate about creating, whether in the niche of home decor, crafts, design or recipes, love connecting with companies and trying their products, enjoy sharing their experiences with their audiences.

9. Join shareasale.com, earn cash!

– ShareASale has been in business for 14 years, exclusively as an affiliate marketing network. They encourage you to browse around the website and learn more, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to them!

10. Nothing beats selling your own stuff

– Your blog readers would rather learn from you and buy from you than to buy something from someone they don’t know. If you have a product and or a service that you know will benefit someone, feature it on your blog. If done right, the payoff is BIG since you will be able to set your own price. Just remember to provide your expertise. Readers, customers are getting more and more savvy, they want real information that is actionable coming from someone they already trust and are learning from, YOU.

Are you using sponsored posts on your blog? Please share by leaving your comments below. Thank you!

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Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of MyFashionE-MallBlog.net TheBizBuzzOfALatinaMomblogspot.com/ & owner of BooksAboutMe.net. Writing & sharing powerful business marketing articles on starting & maintaining a lucrative work-at-home business is a passion.

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