10 Quality Tips on How to Drive Website Traffic

10 Quality Tips on How to Drive Website Traffic

Are you using these 10 Quality Tips on How to Drive Website Traffic?

Search engines are a vital part on how to drive website traffic. Keyword searches on popular engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are what people type in order to find something of value.  Your website should include rich quality content that offer valuable information to rank high on these search engines.

1.  Select the right keywords

Use keywords on your titles and article content. Google looks at a combination of relevance and authority to determine the best sites in the search results. Ensure your site is fresh and regularly updated with new information. Also, link out to other relevant high ranking pages and get listed on key directories such as Dmoz.org

2.  Select the right domain name

When you register a domain name you’re actually renting it in order to have rights of using it; start your domain search here. Branding yourself first and foremost is a great starting point to a domain name. Most bloggers use their names as a domain address and then offer their expertise on their sites. It is imperative that you select a domain name that will make you unique but offer relevant information for those seeking your expertise.

3.  Use keywords in file names and folders

Use your content rich keywords on your file names, folders and even images to distinguish your posts and information. A well organized system is key to blog success.

4.  Use your keywords in your page titles

In tip number 1 above, I talk about using the right keywords. You want to use rich keywords on your titles and article throughout your content. These keywords must and should only be relevant to get the point across with your written article.

5.  Use keyword text in your navigation

Same as tip no. 4 above. Use keywords text throughout your categories section of your blog as well.  Navigation of these certain keywords can get you noticed when someone is searching for that particular keyword topic. Remember, keep your keywords to a minimum and do not abuse it as search engines are aware.

6.  Create useful keyword content – repeat often

Rinse and repeat tips 1, 4 and 5 above.

7.  Make keywords part of your META Description

The meta description should be engaging and encourage people to visit your site after reading it. It should also summarize your page well and should be less than 160 characters.

Meta tags are blocks of text or a collection of keywords used to fill up those sections of your website code that is bound to show up in search results. Meta tags are instrumental in helping your website to be found on Search engine page listings. Online marketers use meta tags for generating traffic.

8.  Secure high quality incoming links

Quality backlinks on other websites/blogs that compliment your own website/blogs niche (but that does not directly compete with your business) is a great way to attract website traffic.

9.  Use keyword text (not “click here”) in your links

Link to other relevant sites by domain name or use a rich keyword link instead of the general “click here” link.

10.  Create a site map

A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design, or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.

Search engine spiders love “fresh content.” This is a good and organic method to improve your ranking in search engines. In addition, when you provide good, quality information in your blogs, people will share your blog thus creating “backlinks” which will help your site get noticed by search engine spiders.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent at building relationships with your potential or existing clients and lead them to your website. Don’t forget to list your articles there as well. Offer your visitors a CTA (call to action) for making a purchase and a FREE item to obtain their e-mail address.

How are you driving traffic to your website? Please share by leaving your comments below. Thank you!


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