11 Tips on How To Deliver Your Email The Right Way

11 Tips on How To Deliver Your Email The Right Way

A visitor enters your website and likes what he/she sees. What are you doing to capture their interest? An opt-in request form is essential to have on  your website. Ensuring the requested opt-in email form captures your visitors email address in order to deliver your message can dramatically increase your business sales. The following article will teach you 11 Tips on How To Deliver Your Email The Right Way:


Confirming that the people who ask for your information have actually requested to be on your email list is the number one step. You should be using a process called confirmed opt-in or verified opt-in to send a unique link to the attempted subscriber when they request information about your business. Before adding the person to your list, they must click that unique link verifying that they are indeed the same person that owns the email address and requested to subscribe.

Subscriber addresses

It is best to ask for the website visitor(s) to opt-in by asking for their “real” or “primary” email address instead of a free email address like Yahoo or Hotmail. These free emails tend to typically have a shorter lifetime than a primary ISP address.

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List maintenance

Always and promptly remove undelivered addresses that bounce when sending an email to subscribers. An address that bounces with a permanent error many times in a 30 day period should be removed from your list as soon as possible. ISP’s track what percentage of your newsletters bounce and will block them if you attempt to continually deliver messages to closed subscriber mailboxes. This will also help keep your email list current.


Many ISP’s filter based on the content that appears within the message text. Your content should consist of quality and valuable information.

Website URL

Research potential newsletter advertisers before allowing them to place ads in your newsletter issues. If they have used their website URL to send spam, just having their URL appear in your newsletter could cause the entire message to be filtered.


Choose your language carefully when crafting messages. Avoid hot button topics often found in spam such as medication, mortgages, making money, and pornography. If you do need to use words that might be filtered, don’t attempt to confuse words with extra characters or odd spelling, you’ll just make your messages appear more spam like.


Avoid creating messages that are entirely images. Use images sparingly, if at all. Commonly used open rate tracking technology uses images to calculate opens. You may choose to disable open rate tracking to avoid being filtered based on image content.


With viruses running rampant and spreading thru the usage of malicious email attachments, many users are wary of attached documents. It’s often better to link to files via a website URL to reduce recipient fear of attachments and reduce the overall message size.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

The federal CAN-SPAM law introduced a number of rules regarding the delivery of email. It’s important to ensure you are in compliance. The two most important rules include having a valid postal mail address listed in all commercial messages and a working unsubscribe link that is promptly honored to remove the subscriber from future messages.

Relationships & white-listing

Contact with major ISP’s and email providers is essential in letting them know about your requested subscriber email. Many large providers such as AOL and Yahoo have specific white-listing programs and postmaster website areas to ensure your email is delivered as long as you meet their policies and procedures in handling your opt-in list. When an email is delivered, it is about ensuring the requested opt-in email is sent to the intended recipient. While no single tip will enable you to get 100% of your email delivered, each one utilized as a group can go a long way to reaching that goal and allow you to email the right way.

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