Infographic 25 Business Marketing Must-Haves to Be Successful

I’ve compiled this Infographic 25 Business Marketing Must-Haves to Be Successful. This is a great infographic to keep and refer back too. Following this Infographic, you’ll also find it written out as a summary with additionally supported notes:

25 Business Marketing Must-haves to be successful

1. Wake up every day with a purpose

This first tip is a no-brainer. Finding your purpose in life allows you to wake up with something exciting to look forward too.

2. Eat a well-balanced breakfast

We all need fuel to face our day to day activities. A well-balanced breakfast will not only give you energy but is the most important meal of the day. Take care of your health while also running your business.

3. Check your to-do list. Replenish as you go along

A to-do list can keep you updated with what needs to be done. When you’ve accomplished a task on that list, make sure to replace it with another to-do it item. A to-do list keeps everything in perspective.

4. Write and share creative and helpful information for your site visitors

To keep your visitors engaged, you should be writing and sharing information that will benefit your reader. Be creative and insightful in your articles.

5. Keep your content new and fresh. Add your personality to your writing

Provide content that has a new and fresh feel to it. Add to your previous article with a newly written article that expands on the initial idea of your message.

6. Make sure your blog/site is mobile friendly

Check out the article “5 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly.”

7. Read business books, magazines, and quotes for inspiration

This is a must! Business books, magazines, and quotes help me come up with additional ideas for my blog. Try it! You’ll find it will help you too.

8. Keep tabs on the open rate of your outgoing newsletters

It’s important to know if your subscribers are opening let alone reading what you are providing them. If your bounce rate is higher then your open rate, your articles are not engaging enough.

9. Create an Instagram profile

With over 300 million users, you should consider creating a profile and showcase your expertise. Check out the article “How I Use Instagram to Share My Blog Posts” and “Are You Using Instagram to Market Your Business?

10. Create a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn has approximately 396 million members. It is a great platform to network with professionals. Check out “10 Expert Tips on How To Use LinkedIn Effectively.”

11. Create a Facebook business page

If you’re not on Facebook, what are you waiting for? Read the following “7 Valuable Facebook Marketing Tips you can apply today. ”

12. Create a Twitter profile

With over 307 million Twitter registered users, Twitter should also be used in your business endeavors. Read the following articles on Twitter:

13. Create a Google+ account

This social media platform is also a great place to network. Be sure to get your business listed on Google My Business for free. For further information on Google+ check out the following articles:

14. Join Google+ communities and network

When you create a Google+ account, be sure to join their communities and network with other Google+ members.

15. Create a YouTube account

YouTube allows you to upload a video featuring everything you and your business has to offer. Just imagine the possibilities you can share with others just by creating a video all for free.

16. Engage with your social media fans

Don’t just create profiles on all of these social media platforms without engaging with your followers. You should be updating and interacting with fans regularly.

17. Ask for testimonials and list them on your blog

What better way to get someone’s attention then by listing testimonials on your site? When someone visits your site,  testimonials can provide information they are looking for which can translate into a potential buyer of your product/service.

18. Write a guest blog and submit your articles to directories

Writing a guest blog on other sites can drive traffic back to your site. Article directories are also great. Check out the following article “15 High Ranking Directories to Submit Your Articles.”

19. Get interviewed on a Podcast, blog and/or magazine

Exposure for your business can come in many different forms, such as podcasts, blogs, and magazines. Do a thorough search and contact the owners. Compose a letter or better yet schedule a phone call for the possibility of an interview.

20. Advertise on your social media networks

Taking advantage of advertising on social media sites is another great way to get marketing exposure for your business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest allow you to advertise your business for a reasonable fee.

21. Attend network events

Attending networking events is also another wonderful way to meet and connect with potential clients for your business. Attend trade shows, speaking engagements, conventions and happy hour and get connected.

22. Join forums

You never know who you’re going to meet at forums and exchange ideas and information. Offer your expertise but do not directly promote your business. People in forums are there to interact and help each other out. You are able to include a byline (a short phrase or paragraph containing your name and business niche) in your profile so others will know what you’re about.

23. Use YouTube to market your business

Check out tip #15 above and read the following articles “6 Tips To Get More YouTube Views” and “Get Your YouTube Videos Discovered With These Tips” and learn how to market your business.

24. Write a press release

Reaching out to certain media outlets by writing a press release can do wonders to your business. Use due diligence when deciding who do you want to publish your statement.

25. Offer freebies to your fans

Everyone loves receiving free stuff from time to time. Check out the following article on “How to Offer Freebies At Your Website for Repeat Visitors.”

Learn something new every single day. Add value to the list above as your business continues to grow. Most of all have fun with your online business!

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