5 Simple Successful Steps on How to Profit From List Building

5 Simple Successful Steps on How to Profit from List Building

5 Simple Successful Steps on How to Profit from List Building

The phrase, “the money’s in the list” is a true statement because it affirms what most marketers already know – that the bulk of a successful marketer’s online profits come from repeat business. Check the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Build a list

You have to build a list in order to reach out to the same paying customer more than one time. But there’s a difference between quality and quantity – and you want the right kind of list to contribute to your bottom line. Always offer information that is beneficial to your subscriber base.

Step 2: Remember not everyone will buy

Cast a narrow net. It may seem counterproductive to be picky about who’s on your list, but there are drawbacks to having everyone sign up – even if they have no interest in your niche or products.

As a marketer, your conversion rates will always be important! You might build a list of 100,000 people, but only 10% of them have any interest in dog training, for example. If you send all 100k to a dog training offer, your conversion rates will look very poor.

This doesn’t garner you any perks or financial profits when it comes time to get recruited by others. If they see someone who only has a 1% conversion rate, it’s not as good as someone who might have had the same amount of sales, but who has a 60% conversion rate, so remember to always keep that in mind.

Step 3: Targeted subscribers

Don’t attract freebie seekers and tire kickers. These are the kinds of people who will not only drain you of resources, but they’ll also rely on you for a lot of one on one help – never intending on paying for anything.

Have a value packed opt-in offer. If your offer is something that’s considered a no brainer – something that will wow them because they got it free – then they’ll be willing to stick around and stay on your list for future announcements – eagerly eating up every irresistible offer you send.

Promote your opt-in as much as you would a sales page. Those who will benefit from your offer will eventually sign up. Some people get so engrossed in promoting their product launch that they forget to even mention or tout the quality of their opt-in offer. Don’t be like them. Make it a point to promote it with equal time because the rising list numbers will help your business greatly.

Step 4: Make your opt-in list prominent

Use every available option for list building. That means utilizing your sidebar, squeeze pages, and opt-in boxes below your blog posts. You can also put them right on your Facebook fan page, too.

Step 5: Old school method

Turn to old school giveaways. Giveaways used to be done all the time in online marketing, and they can still be productive if you put together the right kind of giveaway offer and bring the best people onboard to participate.

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