5 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

5 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Aside from learning how to attract interest back to your blog, you should also be making your blog/website mobile friendly?

Below, learn the 5 tips to make your website mobile friendly:

1. Avoid small fonts

It is important to make sure your font is at a minimum of 11 pt in size for the body text and 22 pt for headlines. Make sure your text can be read easily. It is also recommended to use strong contrast colors for example, dark text on a light background. Many mobile users tend to turn down the brightness level on their devices to conserve battery life. Often, many are also reading on the go and rely on the natural sunlight so it is imperative to use contrast colors.

2. Design & templates

Many mobile devices have limited real estate, therefore it is better to use simple template layouts. The goal is to limit the amount of zooming or scrolling to see everything on your website. You want your mobile users to be able and navigate your content with less difficulty and more flexibility via their smart phone devices. Keep your design clean and simple.

3. Clear call to action

Place your call to action near the top of your site. Make it less complicated on a mobile device by telling your readers what you want them to do. Make sure the link or button is easy for them to find. Make it loud, clear and easily accessible without having to scroll down to much.

4. Image overload

Nowadays, it is important to have images on your website especially if you are using a social media site like Pinterest to gain traffic back to your webpage. It is absolutely essential to resize images that convey your brand’s message. Remember, by default many mobile users turn images off. Therefore, it is necessary to describe your images in these scenarios vial the ALT tag with a written description of your images. A cool WordPress plugin to use to help in loading time and compression of your images is WP Smush.

5. Responsive content design

Mobile screen real estate is a valuable commodity. Having a clear and concise message and responsive design is important.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you’re missing out big time on readers and potential consumers. Focus on making it a seamless user experience across these mobile devices for a positive and responsive marketing business approach.

Marketing via a mobile device is here to stay!

About the author: Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog, The Biz Buzz of A Latina Mom and biz owner at Books About Me. For additional powerful business articles and Internet marketing tips for maintaining a successful home-based business, subscribe to her newsletter above or below.

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Sonia Y. Colon

Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of MyFashionE-MallBlog.net TheBizBuzzOfALatinaMomblogspot.com/ & owner of BooksAboutMe.net. Writing & sharing powerful business marketing articles on starting & maintaining a lucrative work-at-home business is a passion.

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