7 Personalized Social Media Ideas to Connect You With Your Audience

7 Personalized Social Media Ideas to Connect You With Your Audience

7 Personalized Social Media Ideas to Connect You With Your Audience 1(2)

If your goal is to leverage the power of the Internet to help you build your fan base, increase exposure and build your financial worth – then you have to learn how to make this work for you in spite of your feelings. Below, are 7 ways to accomplish this:

1. The TBT Post

TBT stands for Throw Back Thursday. These posts on social media are done weekly and are a chance for you to showcase yourself at a different point in time. A throwback Thursday post is a fun way to let people see who you used to be. It can reflect youth, family, friendships, old interests – and more.

2. Hobbies

Hobbies can be anything from cooking to gardening, playing music or building cars. I go through different hobbies at different times. You just have to snap a pic of it, or post about it – a question, a comment, a frustration – whatever you want – share it with your audience.

3. Food

This is a biggie. People post food shots of what they’re cooking, what recipes they want to make, and meals whenever they eat out. And don’t think it has to be something fancy, either. We all have to eat. What happens when you post a food pic or post is people will comment about it and ask for the recipe, share a recipe, and more!

4. House Décor

Anything in or around your house (or someone else’s) that you can post about can bring good socialization. You can share things like your Christmas tree, the view outside, one piece of furniture or art, etc.

5. Activities

What are you out doing? It could be seeing a movie, taking a hike, visiting a landmark – anything. Activities make good, shareable content because others might have similar interests – or simply might like to cheer you on in yours. These pics don’t have to have you in them. You can share the picture of the activity – a rollercoaster at an amusement park, for instance.

6. Inspiring Quotes

This is a GREAT one – especially for anyone who’s nervous about this whole social sharing ordeal. This is a quote, so you can add a pic of yourself – or not! Either way, it allows your audience to see what kinds of things resonate with you so they can either bond with you or weed themselves out.

7. Health

Health posts are personal. Not everyone wants to share this kind of stuff. But for those who can and want to, go for it. Not only does it help people relate to you, but they can be very helpful. You don’t have to drag out every detail of your health woes or successes. You can be broad and general. I’ve seen lots of people post about sugar lately, how they’re giving it up. That’s a good health decision.

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