7 Tips to Help You Attract Customers to Your Business

7 Tips to Help You Attract Customers to Your Business

When you own a blog and/or website for your business, keywords, meta descriptions, meta tags are all important factors for search engine optimization and business exposure. Once you have accomplished optimizing your site, the question remains; what are you doing to help attract customers to your business?

Finding the answers to the following 7 Tips to Help You Attract Customers to Your Business will jump start you in the right path:

1. Where are your customers?

To maintain a  business you need to think outside of the box. Running any type of business is challenging. However, going the “extra mile” so to speak is essential to stand out from the crowd. Search for your customers by demographic, age, salary and gender groups. Then, narrow your search to those who need your product/service and target those groups of people by attracting them with your offer.

2. What are you doing to be unique?

Today, almost everyone is starting their own businesses, so it is imperative that you create a business that is unique and offers benefits to your customers. Whether you’re a writer, publisher, consultant or sell products/services, competition will always be a factor. Standing out from the rest is not only necessary but required for business success. Find unique things that make you different from your competition and offer it to your customers.

3. How are you acquiring new customers?

It goes without saying that in order for people to find your website/blog your ranking in the search engines is an important factor. Also, word of mouth, advertising, networking are all essential elements to promoting your business. Social media is also a great outlet to attract customers back to your business. Create unique and compelling profiles in each social medial account by introducing and describing the “Wow” factor regarding  your business brand. Feature benefits that only you can offer in a unique way and people will follow you and your business. Always network and communicate with your customers!

4. How are you keeping your current customers happy?

Are you providing your current customers amazing benefits to stay? For example, if you’re selling a product/service, you may want to offer customers something for FREE when they place an order at your site. Everyone loves to receive FREE stuff, especially if they spent their hard earn money on your products. Perhaps you can offer them a discount on future purchases. If you have a newsletter offer a free gift when they sign up with their email address.

If you’re maintaining a blog, is your content of value? Will your readers leave learning something new and want to return for more?

5. How are you marketing your business to attain new customers?

If you build a solid marketing plan for your business, then customers have no choice but to notice you. Customers can be anyone from your next door neighbor to your supermarket package handler. Remember, customers are everywhere! Create a business plan that will help you maintain things in order and guide you in the process of marketing your brand effectively.

6. Are you finding out what customers really want?

I usually get emails from entrepreneurs asking me “What Do Customers Really Want”? Well, a simple answer to that question is customers want R E S P E C T! Customers want to receive the respect of a seller responding to their questions on a timely manner, their opinions taken seriously and their feelings considered. They want great customer service and of course great quality and great prices. When you receive emails from customers asking questions about your business, respond as soon as possible. DO NOT wait a week to reply.

If you own a website, add a contact list and ask your customers specific questions relating to your business brand. You will be surprised at the outcome. Knowing what your customers want is critical to your business. Keep in touch with your customers by checking out answerbase.

7. Are you providing the best customer service?

Finally, provide your customers with the best customer service and unique experience that only YOU can offer in your own creative style and personality.

You certainly want a customer who is loyal to your brand and who responds well to your offers. Providing the best customer service results in a satisfied customer and a repeat buyer.

Customers are what break or make your business. Treat them right and keep an opened ear and heart!

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Sonia Y. Colon

Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of MyFashionE-MallBlog.net TheBizBuzzOfALatinaMomblogspot.com/ & owner of BooksAboutMe.net. Writing & sharing powerful business marketing articles on starting & maintaining a lucrative work-at-home business is a passion.

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