Are You Getting Subscribers to Your Business Mailing List

Are You Getting Subscribers to Your Business Mailing List

Are you getting subscribers to your business mailing list? Hopefully the answer is YES!

Build your mailing list from the get go

When you have a business,  it is important to start building your business mailing list as soon as possible. Start with creating an opt-in form on your blog/site to capture your visitors emails. Don’t wait too long to do this important task for your business. In fact, I recommend you start as soon as you have a blog/website set up. I have kicked myself plenty of times for not creating my list when I first went into business for myself.

Stay in contact

A business mailing list will allow you stay in contact with your customers. Always provide a double opt-in for your subscriptions. For instance, after they sign-up, an email will be sent to them to give them a chance to confirm their subscription. This will protect your subscribers from being added to unwanted lists and it will also protect you from being reported as a spammer.

Offer an incentive

Always offer a “freebie” in exchange for their email address. Your freebie can be anything from an eBook, a tutorial and/or a coaching session. Put the “freebie” download link in the welcome subscriber email you send out so they can access their free gift immediately. Don’t make them contact you or wait for it. When they sign up, provide updated beneficial information about your business on a weekly and/or monthly basis.

Place opt-in above the fold

Place your email list sign-up form prominently above the fold of your blog/site. Whatever you do, don’t hide it! Make it easy for your site visitors to find and join your email list. Don’t make the mistake of just putting one sign-up form on your site. Be sure it shows up on every page. Not everyone will land on your homepage. A great place to also put your opt-in form is below your post. Also, be sure to add subscription forms to your Facebook page as well.

There are many opt-in email marketing subscription websites that are either free or have a reasonable monthly fee. Check out the following:

*Aweber – $1 dollar Trail offer. You will be charged $1 for your first month, and $19 on a recurring monthly basis after your trial. Aweber offers many templates you can customize to fit your blog/site theme.
*Constant Contact (free)
*iContact (free)
*email-list (starting from $79.00) check site for pricing structure.

These are just a few and may fit your business needs.

Simplicity is key

Make it quick and painless for your opt-in subscribers. Keep it simple! Only ask for limited information; for example, first name, last name, email address. Many people are more likely to complete a short form rather then a longer form at the beginning of building relationships. The key is to build that foundation of trust which in turn will bring you much more business success!


Make your privacy policy clear up front. Let your subscribers understand how you will be using their email address and let them know what kind of emails to expect from you and how often.

Finally, confirm that their personal information will NEVER be sold, traded or shared. Explain to your subscribers they can decide to “opt-out” of further communications at any time.

How are you getting subscribers to your business mailing list? Please share your comments below. Thank you!

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