Are You Keeping In Touch With Your Competition

Are You Keeping In Touch With Your Competition

Are you keeping in touch with your competition?

We all know that competition is an ugly word but competitors are a fact of life in business. If your business can’t compete with other businesses, don’t start it. You have to have some type of an edge.

You may have an excellent product or service, but if everyone else is selling a product or service similar to yours, just how much of the market can you expect to capture?

You will have to learn everything there is to know about your competition and understand their marketing strategies.

The best way to research your competition is to locate those you consider the largest threat to your potential business. Take the time to make a note of and acquire a feel for how your competitors deals with their customers, then answer these questions:

* What appeals to you most about their website, introduction, setup etc.?

* How large of an inventory do they carry?

* Are their products display eye-catching?

* What is their Alexa, Google, Yahoo! and AOL rankings?

* Are their testimonials positive?

* Are their prices in line and competitive with yours?

* What do they offer that you could not?

* Do they offer discounts?

* Do they offer a return policy?

* Do they offer any special services, such as free delivery?

*Which areas could do with some improvement and could you improve in these areas?

* Do they keep their online store up-to-date?

* What means of promotion do they use (flyers, coupons, free gifts, etc.)?

Next, create a profile of each main competitor. Know how they advertise, why their customers shop there, what areas need improving, and how successfully you can expect to compete with them.

You may also develop ideas for improving and promoting your own business. Your success will lie in assessing and understanding your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluate and compare your own strengths and weaknesses to stay in touch with the competition and succeed in your business.

What about you? How are you keeping in touch with your competition? Please share by leaving your comments below. Thank you!

Best of luck in your business endeavors!

About the author: Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog & The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom Blog. Sonia is also owner at Books About Me. Personalizing children’s books. For additional powerful business articles and Internet marketing tips for maintaining a lucrative business visit her sites today!

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Sonia Y. Colon

Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of & owner of Writing & sharing powerful business marketing articles on starting & maintaining a lucrative work-at-home business is a passion.


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  2. In business world, you should learn how to attract buyers inspire of having many competitors. One example is giving freebies when they purchased your product. Keep posting!

  3. Thank you millionaire mentor for leaving your comment. Yes, freebies are a great business incentive for inspiring buyers to purchase from you and not the competition, provided the freebie is of value and benefits the consumer.

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