Do You Struggle to Get Subscribers – Read This Now

Do You Struggle to Get Subscribers - Read This Now


Do you struggle to get subscribers? Read this now:

Add a signature file (SIG)

What better way to advertise your product/service then by adding your signature file to all of your outgoing emails? Include a link to a sign up form to get subscribers. Your signature file (SIG) should not be more than five to six  lines. Do not try to include every single affiliate program, or promotion to it all at once. This tactic will only get your readers confused. Make your signature file precise to your business niche. Your SIG file must attract attention. If it doesn’t, you might as well forget it. Make your reader want to know more about your business. Your SIG file should also contain enough information and never be vague. It should engage your readers to re-act. Would they want to sign up to find out more about your business? A great way to inspire curiosity is by using action stimulating words such as the following:

  1. You won’t want to miss this
  2. Act now
  3. Its free
  4. Yours for the asking
  5. Click here now
  6. Get started today
  7. Don’t delay
  8. See this now
  9. Hurry…while supplies last
  10. Stunning…Must see

Create a sense of urgency in your signature file. People will respond better when you make the situation urgent and offer them a bonus for example:

  • for the first 100, redeem a price in two minutes
  • get a free e-book when you subscribe
  • this offer will last until, etc.

Create a light box pop up

Another excellent way of gaining subscribers is by incorporating a light box pop up feature that automatically appears when a visitor enters your site. Aweber is fantastic at creating light boxes. Also, check out SumoMe a free tool that helps increase your daily email signups by downloading their WordPress plugin. You can also copy and paste an HTML code into the <head> of your HTML. Both options can help grow your email list by 20%. So if you’re struggling to get subscribers, remember to include your signature file on all of your outgoing mail messages with a link to a subscription box and use Aweber or SumoMe features to add to your website. Either way, it’s a win win situation for the success of your business.

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