How to Create a Welcome Email That Makes Money

How to Create a Welcome Email That Makes Money

How to Create a Welcome Email That Makes Money

When a subscriber joins your list, the first thing they’re going to see is the confirmation email. This is where they confirm that they’re the ones who requested to receive emails from you.

The second email is a follow-up email that goes into your system to welcome new subscribers on board. This is where many marketers leave money on the table, failing to secure upfront profits.

Usually, most marketers simply welcome the subscriber and ask them to stay tuned for future mailings. You have a lot of opportunities here to make instant sales if you’re willing to include it.


First, you can give them a spent coupon to one of your own products. It might be access to a membership, or the ability to download a course for a fraction of the cost to the public.

It’s your way of saying you appreciate their business, and it’s a positive foot to start off on when building new relationships with the men and women in your niche’s demographic.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep track of your subscriber base and from time to time, offer them incentives for ordering at your site. There are many programs that can help you track your sales. Most shopping cart services have this feature already included. However, if yours does not, check out the following e-commerce hosting plans for full details.

FREE access

Another thing you can do is give them free access to one product that you sell as a sign of good will, and inside that product, once they get a feel for your quality, give them a discount to another one in your line.

Therefore, things like a link to a free eBook, free webinar, free coaching, free shipping, free lessons, free videos, free affiliate programs, etc., are all great. As a result, when you build upon this tactic, you can continue to offer quality back-end products for purchase.

Profit as an affiliate

Some perks don’t have to be something you sell, either. You can profit as an affiliate, too. There are many marketers who would love to be included in your welcome email as a promotion – and they will give you a coupon code that you can exclaim exclusivity to, as well.

The affiliate marketing earning potential is unlimited. Earning affiliate commissions depend on the type of merchant and product(s) you market to your subscribers and audience. If you simply put some links to Amazon, you may find that you earn enough to pay your hosting fees or an occasional book or movie. However, if you decide to make affiliate marketing a full-time job, you want to sign up with bigger profitable niches by building a successful website that gets enough traffic to earn you reasonable commissions.

All you have to do is ask marketers for a code to add to your email marketing on behalf of your subscriber list. This can mean instant income. One good thing to promote in this manner is some sort of recurring membership offer. That way, the profits aren’t a one-time thing but repeated – even if the subscriber ends up opting out of your list over time.

Some of the places you can get freebies from to offer to your subscriber base for a commission are:

  • Linkvehicle (lots of affiliate products to offer for free on your site)
  • eBook creator (tip: you can also create your own e-book in MS Word then convert into a PDF file and give it away on your site)
  • (lots of affiliate products to offer for free on your site)

Recommend the right products

As you grow your business online, you might want to create a specific blog page where you house your recommendations. That could be recommendations for products, tools, and software that has helped you achieve success that you know will help your subscribers as well and therefore allowing you to earn a commission from.

In your welcome email, simply point them to your blog page as a resource for whenever they need it. You could do the same with a single blog post if you don’t have enough completed for an entire list.

There are some marketers who will tell you that not adding a promotion into an email is “leaving money on the table.” It’s a true statement – because, with the right audience, you could make sales with each and every email you sent out. The key is to promote products based on the needs of your audience.


Finally, giving away quality resources to your subscriber base can make the difference between repeat and non-repeat buyers. It’s always wise to talk about the benefits first and then follow up with a recommended product/service.

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