How to Create Attractive Ideas and Increase Your Followers

How to Create Attractive Ideas and Increase Your Followers

Do you struggle with getting quality based followers? A lack of creative and attractive ideas for your blog may be the cause.


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On my traffic report (see photo above), it shows a bit of a decline from July 29th – current. It’s all good, though. The graph just shows that I need to be innovative,  work harder and create new attractive ideas within my articles (on a consistent basis) which will bring my readers back until they become loyal fans.

Creative Ideas + Consistency+Traffic = Online Success.

In this article, I’ll talk about 21 creative ways to keep your blog updated with interesting topics. A blog which is updated on a consistent basis attracts readers and will help keep your current subscriber base interested in staying.

1. Tell an inspirational story

Add a personal and inspirational spin to your articles. For example, did something inspiring happen to you today? People enjoy reading about happy endings.  Sometimes one persons’ awesome day, can brighten a day for another who’s had it rough. Show others how they can also reach their potential with a positive spin turned into an awesome story.

2. Do a blog challenge

There are many blog challenges you can participate in. Why not start one of your own? Create blog challenges with your own blog network;  it’s a great opportunity to engage with other bloggers and get yourself noticed. Your own challenge can be daily, weekly and/or monthly. It can be about your guilty pleasures, favorite foods, favorite blogs, top 10 things on your bucket list, an old photo of yourself, etc. The ideas are endless! You decide what works best for your blogs’ tribe.

3. What is your favorite social media platform?

Let your readers know which social media platform you prefer; and why you prefer it. Why do you enjoy one social media network over the other? Create an article about it. Show your readers how they’re able to accomplish the same amount of followers you have. Tutorials, Tweet chats, podcasts, Facebook Live, are all great ways to showcase your expertise.

4. Offer your services

What are your other passions in life? What skills can you bring to the table so to speak? Not only can you make money from your services but also gain a successful clientele.  Services like: website design, blog writing, social media marketing, article marketing, SEO, social media influencer, product agent, customer service, are all services that can increase your followers. Let your readers know you have these skills.

5. Swap guest posts

Article swapping is another great way to gain followers. Imagine, your guest article appearing in another bloggers’ site of over 5,000 subscribers. Your featured article can provide you with total free publicity. Collaborate and network with like-minded individuals who like to swap guest posts and watch your following increase.

6. Scan magazines

Sometimes scanning magazines will give you ideas on what topic is trending. Also, sites like Quora can help you find questions people are asking. Scan those questions and see if you can write an article with the answers they are looking for. Participate in forums and attach a link back to your article. Make sure you do your research with current supporting facts before publishing your post. Visitors/customers are looking for accurate information. Make sure your articles provide that to them and you’ll have a reader for life.

7. What is your favorite book of all time?

Talk about your favorite book and how it changed your life. People are always looking for a great book recommendation.  What in the book motivated you to read it and take action? Write about it and share your thoughts with others.

8. Ask your subscribers

Subscribers sign up for your blog because they find something interesting they enjoy. Run a survey, ask them if your blog is still of value to them. Ask if there are things you can improve on. They might even have questions on a topic that you can introduce into your blog. When you publish a new article story, make sure you’re also sending your subscribers’ a blog blast about your post.

9. Make a video post

A great video post can become viral if it expresses fun, impressionable and valuable content. Give it a try if you haven’t yet. Your next video can be exactly what they’ve been looking for.

10. Add a podcast to your blog

If you enjoy talking, shake it up a bit with podcasts on your blog. I’m currently working on doing this on my blog in the near future. It’s definitely another form of media.  Talk about your daily activities and what you have planned for the coming months for your business. That is sure to peek a readers’ curiosity. Check out ,, and


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11. Interview your favorite blogger(s)

Interview someone who is well known in your industry. What about this person impressed you? Ask fun and exciting questions during your interview . How did they become famous? Can they provide 10 tips on how to become famous within a certain niche?  Post that interview link on your blog and share it along with your thoughts about the whole interview experience.

12. Gather your best blog posts

Create a list of your best blog posts and summarize them into an article. Add supporting material to your listed articles that can benefit your readers. Your reader will appreciate the effort and may even share your list with their own following – this again is awesome exposure for your blog.

13. What do you see in your business’ future?

What’s your vision for the foreseeable future of your business? Planning what’s next is always an exciting journey. Let readers get a taste of what’s ahead for your business. For example, is there going to be a new website design, product, service, contests, and/or a giveaway in the works? People love to hear about new and exciting things they can look forward too.

14. Review a movie

If you’re a social media influencer, movie reviews are a great way to get engagement. What was it about the movie that made you go see it in the first place? Can you give an honest opinion about your thoughts on the movie? Did you like or dislike it?  Write a review. What are your readers commenting on? These are all great conversation starters.


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15. Smartphone applications you love

What type of apps do you enjoy having on your smartphone? Has it made your business life easier? Tell your readers how apps can enhance their productivity. Create an article about it.

16. Facts about yourself

How can a reader get to learn more about you? Who is the writer behind all these juicy topic(s)? Share facts about yourself. How did you become a successful entrepreneur? What are your hobbies? Write about the successes and failures.  We all love to connect and relate with the person who’s telling the story as well. Be personable and real.

17. Favorite high-end makeup brand

Do you love makeup? Have you purchased a certain item that you can’t live without? What about this brand made you buy it? Was it expensive, cheap? Is it safe for the skin? Can you do a giveaway on your site about this product? Again, based on your specific niche, your product can be anything. Let us hear about it!

18. Places to visit

Have you had a fantastic vacation? Where did you go? Did it take your breath away? Did you take pictures to share with others? Was it a family or business getaway? You can create an awesome article about your destination and travel experiences.

19. Promote your own products

Don’t ever shy away from promoting your own stuff. Every once in a while, I will promote my business products on my blog and social media sites. I get many followers doing this. Let everyone know you have a bad ass product and how it can solve their issues. Just make sure you don’t spam.

20. Talk about the bad stuff too

Not everything is peachy clean all the time. Talk about the stuff that gets your blood boiling. How were you able to handle it? Is there something special you do to turn things around quickly? These types of stories are controversial and can create buzz for your site and entice followers to join the conversation.

21. Add social sharing icons to your blog

Finally, in addition to the above creative tips, add your social sharing icons at the top and sidebar of your site to attract followers. There are many wonderful WordPress plugins you can choose from.

The topics you select to create attractive ideas for your own blog will, of course, depend on your business niche. These are just some ideas to help you get a jump start.

Don’t worry if you experience writer’s block, it happens to the best of us. If you find that you cannot come up with an article in time for publication, consider outsourcing your work.

Effective storytelling will keep your article content above the noise in the blogging industry. Focus on adding multimedia, humor, facts and a voice in your posts.

I hope this article on How to Create Attractive Ideas and Increase Your Followers is helpful!

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