How to Dominate A Successful Niche

How to Dominate A Successful Niche

How to Dominate A Successful Niche

From time to time, the thought of going up against the competition on the Internet can become overwhelming. You consider the thousands of sites dedicated to a specific niche topic and wonder how you could ever break into it enough to see a profit.

That’s where narrow niche domination comes in handy. Most marketers who come online looking for success merely go after the broadest topics possible – such as health, financial success, relationships and more.

When you’re trying to build a site catering to every sub-demographic of that broad niche, it’s harder to achieve, much less maintain dominance as a leader to your audience.

Become an expert

Successful marketers understand that it’s better to become an expert of something specific than try to lead everyone at once. It’s almost like the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none.”

The reason most people go into broad niches is that they don’t want to miss out on any profits they might gain under a wider umbrella. But if you look at it from a consumer’s point of view, you’ll understand why narrow site blogs can be more lucrative.

Narrow your niche

Let’s say you’re suffering from a specific health ailment, such as chronic back pain. When you go online, how will you search for help on the issue? Will you type in “health?”

Of course not – because that could include everything from prenatal care to diabetes to brain tumors. Would you type in “pain?” Again, no – because pain can refer to headaches, menstrual cramps, or even emotional pain!

As a consumer, you would type in “chronic back pain” and if you landed on a site about that specific topic, it would appear to be an authority to you because everything on it would be relevant to you.

But if you typed in “chronic back pain” and landed on a single page with one article, but the rest of the site was general health about blood pressure, toe fungus, and other health topics, you might not subscribe to the newsletter and view their word as a major authority on your particular problem.

Drill down

To dominate in a niche, drill down until you get to the place where you’re narrow enough to be considered an expert – but broad enough to thrive with profit potential. That means, go for something like “back pain,” but not an entire site solely about “chronic back pain caused by sciatica.” Learn how to pinpoint the sweet spot and enjoy your role as authority figure – and the income that accompanies it!

Be a researcher & a sharer

No matter what niche you’re in, there’s news that needs to be shared. There are new:

  • Breakthroughs
  • Trends
  • Strategies
  • Products
  • People

You want to share all of that with your target audience. Yes, even share who your competitors are! Your blog or your email subscriber list will be the place where your subscriber feels they can go to gather all of the information they want. They don’t want to have to go all over the Internet and buy a bunch of different products to see what works best – that’s what they’ll love you for!

Break it all down into demographics. The more you know about your consumers, the better off you’ll be in making informed marketing decisions.

Find out the income levels of your average consumer – a VERY VITAL step! Don’t waste your time trying to sell expensive items to low-income consumers or less expensive items to higher-income consumers. Study your consumers purchasing habits. These powerful steps can determine your business success.

Once you have a better idea of who to target, you can then research the best way to advertise and promote your business to the right market niche!

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