How to Get Links to Your Website

How to Get Links to Your Website


As a website owner, I’m sure you want links that add value to your website(s). You want links that compliment the niche of your websites’ brand. The concept of link building is to utilize it effectively so that you will always get a flow of traffic back to your site. The following “How to Get Links to Your Website’ should help you:

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of easiest ways to get links to your website. Search for blogs that are related to your niche and comment on them. It is important to only leave comments on blogs that are do-follow, otherwise the link will not count. Your comments should add value to the discussion. Don’t say something like “Great Post”,  webmasters will consider that as spam and will delete it.

Article submission

Article marketing is also a great way to build links to your website. Write a few articles and submit them to various article directories. Remember and insert your website link into the bio section located under every article.


Many websites will feature a testimonial section, if a product is involved. Offer testimonials on your own website and whenever you come across a site that has a testimonial page, make sure to get listed. Fill out their testimonial page with your websites URL to the site or product owner. Positive testimonials work best and is a great way to get a visit back to your site.

RSS aggregate

There are many RSS aggregate sites that allow you to submit your RSS feed. Submitting your RSS feed will come across a variety of websites instantaneously. This is one of the fastest ways to generate hundreds of back links to your website.

Create a short report

You can create a short report, or even a compilation of articles, using a PDF format. You can then submit it to sites that will display PDF’s such as Squibd, a social publishing site. Also, keep in touch with other bloggers at Blogger Outreach.


Creating a blog on your website and writing quality content is a great way to get back links. If your content offers value, many others will link to your article as a point of reference. If you find yourself with writer’s block from time to time, check out – where you can hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website.

Guest post

Many blogs and websites need new content on a regular basis. If you enjoy writing, many of them will utilize guest posts to create content. You will write a quality article for them and they will post it on their site. In return, the article will have one or two links to your own website. You can also monetize your own written work as there are people waiting to buy information. Someone wants to buy your knowledge in every niche, in every area of interest and for every target market. Shouldn’t you get something ready for them to buy?

Social media

Utilizing social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can quickly increase the amount of links coming into your site. You only need to get a few re-tweets to quickly see an increase in traffic and links to your site. There are a number of additional techniques that can be used to build links to your website. The goal is to find effective methods that will help your website grow.

What other techniques do you use to get links to your own website/blog? Please share by leaving your comments below.

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  1. This is great!

    Not only that you will get links to your website, you are also advertising your business for FREE.

    Imagine saving hundreds to thousands on your advertising cost.

  2. Thanks Jun. I agree, website linking is a form of FREE advertising for a site. Thus, saving the cost of what it will take to advertise via other methods, it goes without saying that website linking is an economical alternative.

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