How To Improve Time Management for Internet Marketers

How To Improve Time Management for Internet Marketers

How To Improve Time Management for Internet Marketers

How to Improve your focus within minutes:

1. Remove excess tabs from your browser

An extra browser tab is a constant reminder that there is another area of interest begging for your attention.

The fewer tabs you have opened, the more productive you will be.

2. Clear papers from your desktop

A pile of paperwork discourages your ability to remain focused.

Get in the habit of cleaning your desktop at the end of each workday.

3. Stop social media interruptions

If you are not mindful, social media websites are a hindrance to your productivity schedule.

Set a time for socializing in the early hours or late at night before retiring.

4. Block unnecessary distractions

Sometimes all that’s needed to boost your production is pure silence.

Turn off the telephone, television or radio. Close the browser, ignore your e-mail and stop visiting social media websites.

5. Choose the best time to work

Certain hours of the day are more fruitful than others. Find your optimal time frame and work during these hours to get the most done.

Above all, stick to your schedule!

Blog to do list:

  1. Share a video.
  2. Review a product.
  3. Offer a discount.
  4. Interview someone.
  5. Announce a series.

Weekly social engagement schedule:

  1. Mon. Schedule image posts.
  2. Tues. Engage on your fan page.
  3. Wed: Share a blog post you enjoyed.
  4. Thurs: Engage in someone else’s page.
  5. Fri: Give a freebie to your fans.

Better Time Management for Internet Marketers

We all get the same amount of time, but it’s how you choose to use it that makes a BIG difference in what you accomplish.

Do you agree with the above Infographic? How do you manage your time as an Internet marketer? Please leave a reply below.

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