How to Keep Your Blog from Biting the Dust

How to Keep Your Blog from Biting the Dust

Is your blog in need of some tender loving care?  Let’s explore how to keep your blog from biting the dust with the following steps:

1. Responsive Site

Let your readers reach you not only via a computer/laptop but also their smart phones. Being able to view your blog via a responsive site is very important if you want to keep your blog from biting the dust. Eyeballs are everywhere especially with mobile users! Check out 5 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly for details on how to make this possible.

2. Your Blogs’ Appearance

I love visiting sites that are appealing to the eye. Don’t you? Colors, themes, fonts are all important when designing your blog. Keeping it fresh and clean is key to getting repeat visitors. Don’t overwhelm your readers with too much clutter. If you must add to your blog remember to only include relevant ads, social media widgets, your most popular featured posts and a search option to the side bar and/or footer of your site. The article Important Elements to a Successful Blog Structure discusses some of the most important elements to a blogs appearance.

3. Create an Awesome Logo

Create a unique and intriguing logo for your blog. Make it clear to your brands niche. Visit Cooltext to design a free logo. You will get a warning such as the following:  The generated image will normally only be kept for an hour. You MUST download it or click Get HTML Code in order to get a permanent image address.  So make sure you do or you’ll lose your design and will need to start over.

4. A Detail About Me Page

What can people learn about who you are as a person. Remember, there is only one YOU. Be as unique as possible when sharing who you are. What can others gain from your knowledge? Make it personable but also add your own personality.  Check out my about me page to give you an idea. On my about me page, I list who I am, how long I’ve been in businesses and my blog’s intention to helping you as a reader.

5. Photos

It’s always a good idea to put a face with your name. Sharing a photo of yourself can add a personalized touch. Let your visitors see who you are – not only as a business – but also as a person. I feel comfortable when I visit a site and see someones’ photo.

There are many photo editing programs out there that you can use to make your photos look professional.

6. Quality Blog Content

Content is a BIG commodity for bloggers. Provide quality based content to target your ideal readers. Check out the following two articles on blog content: 5 Tips on How to Generate Great Content Ideas for Your Blog Posts and 6 Tips On How To Write Quality Content For A Successful Blog.  Some content ideas can come from, current events, proud moments in your time, feel good topics, favorite guilty pleasures you’d like others to know about; anything that can make you stand out from the rest. Your blog content should be interesting and give your readers something to hold on too. Give them helpful information they want to come back too for more.

7. Multi-Media

Don’t just stop at blog content. Add graphics, videos, infographics, pod-casting and presentation slideshows to make your blog appealing to your audience. It’s a great idea to mix things up from time to time. These multi-media options can also tell your story, it’s only a matter of using your creative juices and thinking outside the box. Visit the following sites:

8. Social Media Sharing

Every where we look there is mention of social media. So, naturally it makes sense to add social media sharing icons at the beginning or the end of your blog posts. Let your readers share your content via all the social media sites. Just imagine the amount of traffic your blog will receive and the possibility of your blog never biting the dust. Check out Shareaholic for details and get your blog plugged in.

9.  Set Up Your Google Analytics

You must keep track of your traffic. Google Analytics will play a big role in this area. Analyzing how many visitors you’re getting to your blog per day and what posts are being clicked on is key to your overall blogging success. These analytics can help indicate what you need to improve on. To learn more visit the Google Analytics page today.

10. SEO is Essential

Don’t panic! SEO isn’t all that bad. There are many plugins such as Yoast SEO which makes it easier for you to incorporate SEO into your blog. They even have a guide that teaches you the basics of SEO. You can also download the plugin here.

Implement the above tips on how to keep your blog from biting the dust and you should be on track for bigger and better things to come.

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