How to Know If A Membership Site Is Right for You

How to Know If A Membership Site Is Right for You

How to Know If A Membership Site Is Right for You

Among the many various business models, you’ll find everything from service providing options to self publishing in different formats. Traditionally, marketers used to sell information via a static eBook.

But now, things have evolved into a form of information dissemination that allows for a multi media format. This means that you’re no longer relegated to text, but you can create a system to deliver videos, audio podcasts and more!

Many marketers do this through the creation of a membership site. It’s not a business model that’s right for everybody, but some thrive heavily on membership platforms and their customers love it.


A membership can be created in different ways. You can launch it right on a blog using password-protected blog posts that only your members know. Or you can invest in a tool like Amember that allows your members to log into a specific area and access their lessons there.

You can also create a membership group site via Facebook. Include your Facebook group URL link on your blog and/or your signature email file.


Membership business models can be ongoing endeavors or limited ones. You can create a 3-month membership, 30 days or one that continues giving to the customer for as long as they keep paying for access.


The opportunity for recurring income or large sum of money upfront is very attractive to many marketers and trumps their desire to get a one-time small payment for something like an eBook.

You have to be careful if you plan on running a membership, though. If you make it an ongoing format, then make sure you can provide content or lessons for that period of time.

You don’t want to have people paying for access and then you abandon the site and fail to come through with what you’ve promised. A good way to plan for this is to map out a year’s worth of content up front, so that you’re never lacking ideas for the future.


Also make sure you have the technical prowess it takes to run a membership site. If you invest in advanced tools and don’t know how to use them, it could cause problems in the form of a backlash and refunds that will disappoint your customers and affiliates.

Some marketers never even host a site anywhere for their membership. They simply email each lesson directly to their customers on a set schedule, so there’s nowhere to log in, no passwords to reset – just an immediate lesson for whatever topic they’ve signed up for.

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