How to Offer Freebies at Your Website for Repeat Visitors

How to Offer Freebies at Your Website for Repeat Visitors

In previous articles, I talk about the importance of providing good quality information on your website(s). The key to a successful website is to build credibility so that your visitors will continue to refer to you for resolutions to their problems. An excellent way to accomplish repeat visitors along with quality content, is learning how to offer freebies at your website for repeat visitors.

Your goal is to become the ultimate one-stop shop for your business niche. You want people to come to you looking for information to their problems which in return, gives you the opportunity to direct them to your own service and/or product(s).

Your objective is to get lots of traffic and develop that important business relationship.

Giving away something FREE and of value to your visitors will keep them coming back. People often tell me that they don’t know what to give away for free. They say they don’t have any valuable information to provide and they don’t have any articles and aren’t writers. They insist that they can’t possibly become an information resource because all they have is the one product they want to sell. I beg to differ.  There is ALWAYS an angle. 🙂

Here’s an example

Let me give you an example in My Fashion E-mall Blog. What in the heck kind of information could you give away for free at my website? At I have three target markets. One is for business owners, the other is for online entrepreneurs, and finally for work at home moms. My FREE giveaway is an e-Book where I talk about rocking your business with a blog. The information contained in the eBook works for all three target markets. Also, from time to time I offer FREE product giveaways. Quality content, free e-Book and giveaways all help my blog gain traffic.

What are FREE things you should give away on your website?

So, if you are a business owner, there are a ton of things you can offer for free to gain readers, clients, buyers and a loyal following.

Using My Fashion E-Mall Blog as an example, offer freebies on your own website that tie in with your service(s) and/or product(s). It can be in the form of a free eBook, free newsletter, free webinar, free coaching, free shipping, free lessons, free products, free videos, free affiliate programs, etc. You can target a specific market that corresponds to your website’s niche.

Ask yourself the following questions

Remember, always provide a way to get creative, give valuable information plus accurate resources to reach your target markets then base your free offer around those important points.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can I offer for free that compliments my business niche with value and traffic back to my site?
  • How can I be a great unique resource for my target market and can I offer an extension to that resource with any of the free ideas listed above?
  • How can my visitors benefit from my free offer?

List of places to get freebies to offer on your own site

  • Linkvehicle (lots of affiliate products to offer for free on your site)
  • eBook creator (tip: you can also create your own e-book on MS Word then convert into a PDF file and give it away on your site)
  • (lots of affiliate products to offer for free on your site)
  • (create a free newsletter to offer on your site – keep your readers up to date)

Giving away free quality resources on your website can make the difference between repeat and non-repeat visitors. So go ahead and give it a try.

Are you offering freebies at your website for repeat visitors? Please share your comments below.

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  1. Really great idea. Answering those questions, you mentioned, is very important. Yes, something offering for free would make the visitor honored. In return, they will come back for sure. Thanks Sonia! Great example too.

  2. Thanks Shiful…yes I believe that offering a quality based freebie on any site will make for a loyal repeat reader…appreciate your comment!

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