How to Promote Your Business With E-mail Marketing

How to Promote Your Business With E-mail Marketing

Discover how to promote your business with e-mail marketing in a nutshell.

Email marketing is one of the best type of advertising that you can learn to do. There is nothing like its ability to stay in contact with your customer base. It is remarkably cheap for the results you get if you do it correctly.

Spam is becoming increasingly looked down upon by customers and Internet service providers. Please don’t do it. How do you feel when you receive an unsolicited email? Not too good I’m sure…it’s very bothersome. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

There are other ways to promote your business. Use effective email marketing techniques like the following:

* Newsletter

Newsletter advertising is a very effective and easy to use method. Provide an opt-in form on your website and allow your visitors to subscribe. Publish your newsletter periodically and include information that is relevant to your audience. Give your subscribers something of value in exchange for their email address. Send them content filled tips of the week, or even fill them in on the latest deals on your products and/or services.The higher the subscriber list the more attentive the reader base.

Remember, first format your messages in a plain text program such as Notepad. Your lines should all be 65 characters or less with a hard return at the end of the lines. This will make sure that your message is all one block and easy to read. Many email programs will not display the word wrap correctly, leaving your lines ending in unforeseen places. You may even lose a subscriber if it looks unprofessional. Always proofread your newsletter content before sending it to your subscriber list.

Check out the following video on creating an effective email newsletter the right way with AWeber:

* Include a signature file to all your emails

Make a short signature file no more then 5 or 6 lines. Keep it short, sweet but useful. Most of the popular e-mail programs offer this option. Add it to your blog posts, email accounts and any forums/groups you register with.

*Article writing

Writing articles for your website is an important part of the entire business promotion process. Let your readers get to know you first and foremost. Engage your readers with your writing and provide the type of information that will benefit them.

Provide basic, real, useful information as well as resources to go along with the information you’re writing. What are your interests? Will it interest your readers as well? Mention a product that they absolutely must have and why it will be beneficial. Submit your articles to article directories and your newsletter via an email marketing campaign for added exposure.

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