How to Relax When You Only Have a Few Minutes of Peace and Quiet

How to relax when you only have a few minutes of peace and quiet

How to Relax When You Only Have a Few Minutes of Peace and Quiet

Are you a successful work at home mom who can use a few minutes of peace and quiet? Yes! me too :-). If you can find even a few minutes each day to relax and rejuvenate yourself, that’s awesome! Depending on your tastes, you can find several ways to spend as little as ten minutes relaxing when the kids are napping – or just before they wake in the morning.

Some ideas:

Try to pick one or two ideas below. Only you can decide what works best:

  • During your child’s nap time, take a short catnap. Make sure you can hear your little one when he/she wakes up.
  • Sit quietly and do some deep breathing exercises. Sit straight and breathe in deeply to the count of six. Hold for a couple counts and then release the breath slowly until all the air is out of your lungs. Repeat several times.
  • Read a few pages of a favorite book/magazine.
  • Read your favorite inspiring quotes.
  • If there is another responsible person in the house, take a few minutes to go outside and take a walk, or work in the garden (but only if gardening is fun for you – if you consider it or anything else but work, it won’t be as relaxing).
  • Unwind for a few minutes by working on a craft that you love, like scrapbooking, beading or card making.
  • Get an exercise DVD that has its program cut into short segments – do one or two exercise segments to burn off some steam and relax your body.
  • Take a dip in the pool.
  • Do a short yoga session.
  • Take a few minutes to do some good healthy stretching.
  • Sit quietly and write in a journal. Write anything – your hopes, dreams, plans or funny things that have happened.
  • Sit quietly on the porch or patio and watch the world go by.
  • Make yourself a cup of tea and sip it slowly. Nibble on a favorite cookie, too.
  • Fix yourself a healthy sandwich or bowl of soup and take your time eating it – don’t gulp it down.
  • Fix a facemask and give yourself a facial. Rinse the mask off; apply moisturizer and makeup for a refreshed looking you.
  • Chillax and inhale the relaxing aroma of your favorite essential oils.

Relax, unwind and refresh

Even when you have children, a home, a business, a relationship, hobbies, classes to take, friends to pay attention to, a lawn to be mowed and dishes to wash, you still need to grab time for yourself to relax, unwind and refresh yourself.

These small moments can be valuable helpers in keeping you de-stressed and on an even keel. As a Momtrepreneur, you’ve got a lot to do and a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. It’s important to remember that one of your first responsibilities is to take care of yourself.

Relaxation is a vital element of everyone’s life. Without it, stress can creep up and overtake you, making you less effective as a mother and business owner. Don’t miss even small opportunities to relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Meditation, prayer, writing

The following are some suggestions to help you find peace and quiet each day.

  • Make an honest effort each morning to practice a stress reducing method such as meditation, prayer, or writing in a journal. Any of these can help you focus on your inner self and your spirit. All have been found to help reduce stress simply by helping to bring awareness to what’s going on inside. Mediation is not difficult to learn and helps the practitioner to focus and be mindful. Meditation helps with stress by bringing you to a more complete level of awareness and carries through the day. Prayer is helpful in reducing stress by connecting you with someone/something that is bigger than you. Writing in a journal works much like both meditation and prayer in that it helps you connect with what’s going on inside yourself, your joys and worries and helps your mind work through issues. Mediating, praying or journaling can also be effective at night before you go to bed.

Get your exercise

  • Consistent exercise is very effective in reducing stress, and you don’t have to exercise for an hour a day to get the stress eliminating effects. Try to work a brisk walk into your day, or a trip to the gym or the yoga studio a few times a week. Pop a dance DVD into the player and spend a half hour burning some calories and stress by dancing in your living room. Strap your little one into his/her stroller and go for a few laps around the block. Any exercise you get will help you de-stress. If you can schedule time every day for some type of exercise, you’ll find that your stress levels come down naturally.

Me time

  • As important as it is for you to spend lots of time with your kids and business, you need time to yourself also. Schedule time to get out and do something fun, whether it’s going for a jog in the park, joining your best friend for lunch and a movie or volunteering at the art center. It’s okay to leave the children with a trusted sitter once in a while so that you can have time to pamper yourself.
  • Stay in the house, but by yourself. See if daddy will watch the kids for a couple hours so that you can take a bubble bath and give yourself a pedicure. Put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the bathroom door, run a hot bath with essential oils, light a candle and put a fluffy towel next to the tub. Give yourself a good soak. When you get out, take time and give yourself a manicure or pedicure with your favorite color shade of nail polish.

These are only some ideas of ways to relax in just a few minutes. You can probably come up with a longer list of things you like to do for peace and quiet.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing; to enjoy time by making it fun, stimulating and successful.  Take care of YOU first to stay happy, productive and motivated.

Do you agree with the tips above on how to relax when you only have a few minutes of peace and quiet? Share your comments below.



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