How to Repurpose Your Content to Save and Make Money

How to Repurpose Your Content to Save and Make Money

How to Repurpose Your Content to Save and Make Money

Content creation can be expensive. Whether you’re outsourcing it to others, such as ghostwriters and graphics designers – or doing it all on your own, there’s a cost of time and money involved.

You want to get the most mileage out of your investment. That means being able to use the content in more than one place, and in more than one way. So let’s say you start with a simple article but first remember the 5 Ws to content creation:

1. Why are you doing content marketing?

2. Who are you marketing your content?

3. What type of ‘call to action’ do you want your content marketing to convey?

4. Where are you promoting your content marketing?

5. When is it a good time to publish and promote your content marketing?

You can read the answers to the above questions here.

Then, that one article can be turned into many different media formats and used on various platforms, too. Both of those are methods of repurposing the content. So let’s tackle each one individually.

Check your archive

Let’s say you’ve been blogging for a long time (like me) then you have an archive filled with older content that might need some updating. This task will require your time and patience. However, if it means bringing visitors back to your site, it’ll be worth it.

Make sure to always back up your files for easy access. Once you locate those older articles, read them over and see if there is anything new you can add to the story. Was there an update on a particular topic you had written about? Include that into the old article and republish it again. You never know when you’ll strike up a memory or a revisit to a certain product page. Articles that are repurposed, should include the right mix of resources that will enlighten the intended purpose of the original post.

Different platforms

With repurposing for platforms, you can start off putting the content on your blog. Once there, it’s easy to then share it on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook (for example) with a link back to the original article.

Another way you can repurpose it is to distill it down into a shorter version of the main article and link back to your full-length version. So for instance, if it’s a tip article with a list of seven tips with an explanation for each, then you could post the seven tips on Facebook, and then include the link to read the full version on your site.

Different media formats

You can also fully repurpose your content by turning it into different media formats. Starting with a text article, you can read it into an audio recorder and save it as a podcast version to share on your blog or on social networks.

Video is another very popular format. There are two different ways you can create video content from a simple text version. You can record yourself on screen reading the content (practice so that it doesn’t appear too staged), or create a PowerPoint presentation and use screen capture tools like Camtasia to record your audio and the presentation simultaneously.


If you have the ability to create something like an infographic or quote poster, then you can repurpose your content by distilling it down into a few words, phrases or sentences and embedding it in an image that can be shared.

Of course, you can reverse this process as well. If you have a video or audio file, you can transcribe it into text or extract portions for an image to share. Many buyers of private label rights already know all about repurposing material, getting extreme value for the already heavily discounted content they buy online.

Finally, if you need help in creating new content for your site click here and check out content writing made easy with over 600 pages of fill-in the blanks templates.

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