How to Succeed With Facebook Networking

  How to Succeed With Facebook Networking

How to Succeed With Facebook Networking

Starting out online, when you’re trying to build wealth but have to keep spending money, makes it hard to keep a positive attitude. But there are many ways you can promote your blog and product offers without having to spend too much.

Take Facebook, for example. Most people think of promotions on Facebook and instantly think of paid advertising. But that’s not your only option. In fact, one of the more productive methods for using Facebook might be simple networking.

Networking is when you focus more on the relationship aspect of a social platform. You’re getting to know others and letting them get to know you. These real relationships garner more appeal when it comes time to generate partnerships and promotions of your products/services.

Below, I will talk about how to succeed with Facebook networking without breaking the bank so to speak.

Resist Temptation

To achieve this goal, you have to resist the temptation to just send spammy requests to other marketers and to your customers. Putting them in groups against their wishes, spamming their inbox, or tagging them relentlessly in your posts is a sure turn-off.

Mix It Up

Make your profile a mix of business and personal appeal. Even if your goal is to get everyone onboard for your webinar on successful copy conversion, don’t make every post about that topic. Instead, learn how to do it right by mixing it up a bit.

Share a nice balance between your business happenings and your personal information. Tell a story about how using your product helps you in some kind of way, shape or form. You might be one of the many people who complain that “No one wants to hear what I had for dinner.” Yet many of the people you’ll see online are posting pics of their meals, and generating discussions about it. People love talking about cuisine – and it doesn’t have to come from a fancy restaurant, either! If your niche is in culinary arts, by all means take those photos and share them with your tribe. How has that meal made you thinner, healthier, happier, etc?

Facebook Fan Page

Start your own Facebook fan page or group where you can share a ton of ideas with your hardcore followers. Having your own page or group allows you to control the conversation and steer it specifically towards your niche topic.

Join Groups

Join other peoples’ groups and get to know the prospective customers and joint venture partners available in your niche. You can interact with others and find out what your customers’ needs are as well as get to know the people running the groups so that you can pair up someday on a mutually beneficial business idea.

Use MultiMedia

Learn how to use a mix of multimedia on Facebook. Don’t just stick to text. Create images that hyperlink to your blog/website. Make video productions you can share on Facebook – or better yet, live stream your thoughts!

Now, that’s what I call successful Facebook networking. 🙂

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