How to Use Twitter Effectively

How to Use Twitter Effectively

When used correctly, Twitter can be an effective social media tool for promoting your business and making quality networking connections.

Twitter is all about getting your tweets re-tweeted so that it can not only appear in the Tweeter feed of your followers but also their followers feed as well.

When you tweet beneficial quality content to your followers, and they re-tweet that information, it increases your influence and gains you leads and additional traffic to your site.

Here’s an article on how to use twitter effectively:

1. Tweet useful and beneficial info

– People are on Twitter because they are looking for interesting information that will add value to their business and/or lives. It is important to make that possible by tweeting useful and beneficial information thus allowing you to become the expert in your niche.

2. Tweet original unique content

It’s okay to tweet inspirational quotes, or re-tweet creative posts by other Tweeters, etc. Tweets that have an emotional impact on others are key for attracting new followers to your Twitter account. As long as you tweet unique content, you will most likely get others to follow you in hopes to get more of your unique and original tweets.

3. Ask for a re-tweet

In a recent study, it was discovered that tweets which contained the words “please re-tweet” were shared at least 4 times more frequently than those that did not include this request.

When you ask your followers to re-tweet your content, you are inviting them to share it by using a strong call to action (CTA). However, please use this tip sparingly. Although, asking for a re-tweet helps in gaining additional followers, people are very sensitive to spam and promotional material on Twitter and they will un-follow you if you start asking for re tweets all of the time.

There you have it! The above tips are just a few ways that you can make it more likely your followers on Twitter will re-tweet your content. In doing so, you will spread your expertise, influence and engagement even further and maximize the potential of this popular social media platform.

Do you have a different approach to gaining additional re-tweets on Twitter that are not listed above? Please share your comments below.

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