How to Work at Home for Income

How to Work at Home for Income How to Work at Home for Income

Bad news always makes the news – unfortunately, far more often than any good news. Reading up on the current status of the job market is enough to make even the most optimistic person a pessimist.

And it’s not just people looking for work that are feeling the pinch. Employers are feeling the pain, too. As costs rise, they have to cut corners. That means cutting out bonuses, cutting pay, and getting rid of the more experienced, higher-salaried workers in favor of those who will work for half the pay and will settle for no bonuses.

Yet, the ones who fill in at half pay often don’t have the experience or the knowledge to competently get the job done. So what many employers have started doing is hiring people to work from home.

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Work at home jobs

By doing this, they cut their expenses in many ways. They don’t have to furnish an office, and they don’t have to provide the same benefits. The cost of hiring a freelancer as needed versus keeping a full-time employee saves time and increases profit.

By choosing those who work from home, there’s no vacation pay, no accumulative sick day pay for the employer to shell out – and by choosing to use freelancers, there’s often not the cost of other company associated perks.

The employer can simply use the freelancer’s services when needed. Which works out really great for the employer. But not so much if you’re the one hoping to get work from that employer on a regular basis. However, the ability to control your employment life is in your hands. You don’t have to sit around and wait for someone to hire you. And you can have multiple clients at one time.

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With the technology boom came the slow, almost phasing out the way that companies handle information. You’ll find less and less information on paper and more and more stored instead directly on the computer.

As a result, the need to have someone who knows how to work as a data entry clerk isn’t that high. The companies that do need paper information put into the computer usually use someone that already works for the company in order to save themselves money.

Drive and skills

But that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home anyway. It just means that you have to step back and refocus your drive and skills into a new area – one of the areas that are booming now and has been steady for years is that of Internet marketing.

Basically, this type of business means that you’re promoting something, helping others or teaching people who know less than you. That something can either be a tangible product or something digital, as an eBook. You can either promote for others or market something you create yourself.

For example, you can offer a service that other marketers need. You might set up a website that writes product descriptions based on Amazon or ClickBank’s most popular items. Rather than taking the time to write up those descriptions themselves, marketer’s can just buy from you.

Membership sites

You can also set up a membership site where you charge a monthly fee to share what you know about marketing. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a good idea for someone who was new to Internet marketing, but once you know the basics, you can turn around and teach those who know less than you.

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Apples and oranges

You might only have three hours a day to devote to your work at home income while the guy you admire had fourteen hours available. So to compare your potential earnings based on three hours wouldn’t be realistic.

Plus, the guy whose success you admire might have been working on his business for ten years while you have absolutely no experience. The ten-year guy has already made his mistakes and learned how to be better at what he does. What he makes look effortless is really just a path he’s worn smooth by years of hard work, trial, and error. Your road won’t look like his until you’ve walked it repeatedly.

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Business model

It also depends on what business model is used. Your methods won’t be the same as the next person (even in the same business) because you’re two different people. You won’t think or plan alike.

There’s also the matter of the niche you choose to go into. For example, let’s say you’re in Internet Marketing and the guy doing it for ten years is also in Internet Marketing. But he teaches SEO while you teach article marketing (apples and oranges – see the difference).

You can’t compare two different niches. However, you can study what the growth potential is in that niche. Some niches are going to outperform others – it’s just the way it is. Your goal is to select a niche that has a steady, money-making track record.

That way, if you make a smaller income the first time, you won’t get discouraged because you’ll recognize that the potential is there as long as you just wait for it to blossom into something more. Whatever you do, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket because what happens if the bottom of that basket drops out? Your income does, too.

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6 Top work at home business ideas

It’s incredibly easy for anyone to work at home, and since you can get started without any money down, you can start earning profits fast. There are many great ways to generate an income from home – but certain work at home efforts show up repeatedly as having the top income potential.

1. Blog/website content/Adsense cash

You can set up a site that sells blog or website content. Marketers always need fresh content. You can set and take special orders as a ghostwriter. You can brand yourself as an expert in a particular niche and create a demand for your services.

Work at home data entry jobs are still available, but you might fare better if you opt to pursue another work at home business model, becoming an entrepreneur who meets the needs of others and sets his or her own price for your skills.

The first business you can work from home is to blog for AdSense Cash. AdSense Cash consists of ads that are put on your blog or site. These ads are tied into your site content (think apples to apples) so you might write a blog about health products and get ads that promote health products. But if you’re new to this, then how do you know what kind of blog to set up? Would a blog on some obscure topic earn you as much income? No. How to make sure your blog is a money maker (besides providing relevant and fresh content) is to set up a blog based on what’s trending.

If you go to the home page of Yahoo, it’ll even tell you what’s trending. What you do is choose a category based on what’s trending. For example, celebrities is a good one. Sports is another good blog, and making money is another one.

2. Amazon items

You can also make money from home by promoting Amazon items and this is second in the top work at home ideas. You get started on this by signing up to become an Amazon associate. You then promote those products on your website with links back to the product on Amazon using your affiliate ID.

3. Affiliate marketer

Another avenue and also in the top ways to make money is to sign up as an affiliate at and start promoting their digital products. You’ll want to test out the products that you promote so that you’ll better understand how the product works and you’ll be able to tell your customers what’s good (or not so good) about the product.

You earn a commission (some of them quite high) based on what you promote. If you don’t like the idea of promoting, but you enjoy writing and feel that you have some information that could benefit others, then write an eBook.

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4. eBooks

An eBook can sell countless times (giving you residual income). You can write an eBook on any topic under the sun – but it’s best to choose a topic that people will pay money for, which usually solves a problem.

5. Virtual assistant

Working from home as a virtual assistant is also in the top 6 work at home ideas. It’s a fast-growing field and is relatively easy to set up and start. You can network and build clients online, through word of mouth and by positioning your site at the top of search engine results.

You can break into freelance writing or graphics. It’s easy to turn your writing skills into a way to make money by writing for others. You can become a ghostwriter and write everything from blogs to essays to articles to eBooks and reports.

6. Start your own business online

All you need is a computer and the ability to fill a need. The possible businesses you can start online are so numerous and so easy to start, that you can begin immediately.

Creating a steady work at home income is a reality for many who are leaving the 9 to 5 rat race far behind. You might have witnessed some of their success or heard various testimonials online about how easy it is to make money online.

The truth is, it is easy to make money online. But beware of someone or something that offers you a cut and dried amount of earning potential. Because the truth is, no one can accurately predict what you’ll make. There are too many variables involved for someone to put a solid monetary figure on your efforts.

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