How Video Marketing Accelerates Branding

How Video Marketing Accelerates BrandingBrand building is a key to entrepreneurial success. Once you build a memorable brand people respond to your message quickly. Think of the branding titans. Companies like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Apple and Nike developed monstrous, world-renowned brands by spreading the word about their offering through creative ways and means. The mega brands place a heavy emphasis on creating video commercials or other forms of video marketing.

You remember Nike’s “Just do it,” brand slogan because you viewed the image hundreds or even thousands of times through video commercials. This type of video advertising programs you to respond to the message. Advertisers use a form of autosuggestion to influence you to buy in to their brand. See a commercial repeatedly and you are likely to begin singing the tune, or buying the product or service being offered. How video marketing accelerates branding by programming you to respond through an appealing medium remains to bee seen…check it out below:

Program Individuals to Respond

If you are familiar with the idea of autosuggestion you know that people tend to respond to messages which resonate with them. The secret lies in transmitting a clear, concise message repeatedly, as a form of suggestion, and the individual generally acts on these orders, or messages, in the long run. Advertisers engage in large scale campaigns to program people with their commercials over a period of weeks or months. The same commercial appears hundreds of times across a wide range of channels. You like the catchy tune. The message grows on you.

Within a few days or weeks you are likely to be wearing Nikes or buying a Big Mac at McDonalds or perhaps you purchase an Apple iPhone. The key behind this subconscious programming resides in the fact that video commercials programmed you to respond to the message being conveyed.

You are a creature who generally lives through their senses. Visually appealing images catch your attention quickly. This is why big brands use video to appeal to you, and this is also why you should use video to appeal to your target market.

Quick and Simple Method of Marketing

Writing a blog post typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, at least. Creating an eBook can take weeks. Shooting and uploading a video generally takes 10 to 15 minutes. Video marketing provides you with a simple and quick means of reaching your target audience and building your brand. After creating a 5 minute long video you can edit your presentation and upload the video within a few minutes. This quick turnaround time allows you to shoot more videos to build your brand.

As with any marketing method video marketing requires you to learn your craft. Developing your skill set takes time but you quickly learn what works and what is not working, after you publish videos and gauge page views. The trial or experimentation learning curve shrinks quickly because you can publish videos fast.

Not so with eBooks, or podcasts. Creating eBooks takes weeks and building a successful podcast can take hours, while uploading a video costs you no more than 10 or 15 minutes. Publish. Promote. Test. Tweak, to build your brand effectively.


Programming individuals to hear and respond to your brand message takes time but using a visually and audibly appealing marketing medium like video creation reduces this period of time dramatically. Study the branding powerhouses of the world. Each company pays massive amounts of money to spread their message via video commercials, repeated frequently on large networks. The persistent, consistent message, delivered through an enticing and attention-grabbing medium, influences individuals to respond to the appealing message.

You can create videos quickly and upload fast, helping you determine what works and what does not work to build your brand, in a short amount of time.

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