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The definition of a marketing plan is a map of your marketing ideas. Entrepreneurs make the mistake of not planning this most important part of a business.

Marketing is one area where many businesses struggle. They spend money in research to create a product or service that they hope will be loved by consumers. Again, the truth is, we consumers are lazy. We depend so much on what we hear and see on TV to tell us what’s the latest or greatest product out there. Business is all about planning, and one of the fundamentals of creating a great business is through marketing that is aided by planning. Businesses need to create an effective marketing plan to be successful.

Main components


1. Who does the buying?:

Before creating a plan, you’ll need to figure out who is going to be your customer. Even if you believe that you’re creating a product for all individuals, regardless of age or gender, you need to narrow down this population to a specific segment that forms the bulk of people who are likely to buy.


2.What’s the buying trigger?:

Every purchase decision is triggered by something-that makes ”now” the time to buy. It could be a seasonal reason, such as a tax season so that majority of people will be purchasing accounting and tax software. In reality, there’s always a set of situations resulting in a customer needing something.


3. The people involved:

People never buy alone. Usually, there’s an influence behind every particular buying decision. So to effectively market your products, you need to identify who is influencing the buying decision of your prospective buyers. They could be acting to influence from their peers, or online reviews.


4. Where do customers get information about you?:

Find out where they are getting information about your offer. This will give you an opportunity for reputation building and advertising as well. You could make use of review website that allow you to show off your products and services. You could also make use of forums because this is where you educate people about your products.

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