Is Your Site SEO Optimized for The New Algorithm from Google

Is Your Site SEO Optimized for The New Algorithm from Google

Is Your Site SEO Optimized for The New Algorithm from Google?

If your site is not yet updated with the new Mobile-Friendly algorithm from Google, rolled out April 21st, 2015, you should do the following:

1. Mobile Friendly Test

Check out the Mobile-Friendly Test Website and determine if your site passes the test.

2. Things to Avoid

If your website does past the mobile-friendly test, make sure you download a responsive WordPress theme. Also, make sure you are checking on certain things that might bog down a mobile user’s experience, for example, avoiding flashy content or anything that construes the viewing of your site. Check out the article “Are You Ready For The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update From Google” for helpful tips.

3. Features/elements

Size, page dimensions and fonts should correlate with a mobile user’s device. In other words, try to keep these important elements within a mobile device’s view without the user having to scroll too much or pinch their devices to try and zoom in because they can’t read your site’s information. There are many website responsive themes that are already set up to be mobile friendly so you shouldn’t be too concern.

4. Images/links/CTA’s

Allow images to load fast and make sure your buttons, links and other CTA’s (call to action) features are placed and space out accordingly to allow enough room for the user to tap correctly throughout your site.

5. Learn/Training

I’ve been working on a few training tutorials that are great in helping you achieve the necessary ingredients to a successful online business. With the right mixture of keyword marketing the right way, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

These are exciting times to own an online business. Take advantage of all the new Internet marketing changes and helpful tips.

So, is your site SEO optimized for the new algorithm from Google? Share your comments below.

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