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Postrunner Guest Posting a Major SEO Boost

PostRunner is a site that provides SEO in the form of guest posting. Google is constantly changing their algorithms to make their search engine produce more natural and relevant results. In a more recent update from Google guest posting has become absolutely essential to ranking just about any website on Google and just about all other search engines.

Put simply guest posting is publishing your articles on somebody else’s blog or website. One great benefit of guest posting is building relationships with other bloggers. By contributing content to another bloggers website they will take notice. Not only does guest posting expose your blog to readers on other blogs but the relationships you build with other bloggers can lead to even more expose and mentions through social media. The link pointing back to your website or blog builds link juice for your site which is part of the essential formula to ranking high on search engines. It is common practice to link directly back to your blog posts when posting on a guests blog.

Imagine the expose to your website or blog if you guest posted on multiple blogs. By guest posting on as many blogs as possible you get more people reading your posts and what some SEO experts consider the most important part of the process, you get a backlink pointing back to your site or blog which greatly increases how high you appear on search engines.

Upon posting your articles to other sites the content becomes theirs to edit they way they choose fit for their own blog. However to be protected from mistreatment of your content it is best to work with guest posting through a company that way blog owners have a good relationship (that they don’t want to lose) with the company. A great company is PostRunner; it’s great because it gives users access to over 800 blogs to guest post on. All of the blog owners have a good relationship with PostRunner which gives them content and secures your content from mistreatment and manipulation. With that much posting potential it would be quite difficult to post that many articles. Which is why they offer authors to write relevant, SEO optimized content for maximum results in ranking high on search engines.

Bloggers take part in guest posting because it offers free content for their blog and build a relationship with other bloggers. Postrunner does not own the blogs used for guest posting, rather they team up with the bloggers and develop relationships, in return the blog owners get free quality content and you get a powerful backlink.

Hopefully it is no longer a mystery to see the value of guest posting and how everyone wins when guest posting.

Remember, high quality content tends to bring high quality traffic. Treat other blogs as you would treat your own to see the best results from your efforts. Learn how…
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