Practical and Successful Motivation Techniques for Busy People

Practical and Successful Motivation Techniques for Busy People

Practical and Successful Motivation Techniques for Busy People

If you were to climb to the top of the mountain and finally reach that all-knowing guru who holds the secret to life and you’re granted one question, what would it be?  Some would ask the secret to great wealth.  Others would seek to learn how to live a long and healthy life without aging.  A select few might want to know how to motivate themselves and others.

If we acquire the skills to motivate ourselves and others then we have the basic tools to acquire almost everything else that a good life requires.  It might be disappointing when the ALL POWERFUL at the top of the mountain answers simply, “To know thyself and be kind.”

These are wise words and hold much truth, but it’s a pretty broad answer.  To motivate or be motivated requires learning and dedication.  Motivation is a skill that can be easily learned if you possess dedication.  We use motivation daily at home and at work.  Subconsciously we’re striving to motivate ourselves and those we come in contact with.

The following practical tips can be successful motivators for any busy person to implement:

Set a deadline

Not only do people balk at working for nothing, they must have a deadline or it will never get done.  Would you pay taxes if you were allowed to pay them at your own discretion?  Many still won’t begin a project until the deadline looms near.  You’re more likely to complete a project if you impose a deadline.

Set goals

Setting a goal lets you know where you’re going.  It’s hard to hit a moving target and a goal helps you focus on where you want to be and at a certain time.  Use both short and long-term goals.  The short-term goals can be steps to reach the long-term objective.  Each time you satisfy a short-term goal, you’ll feel your inner motivation swell.

Expect the best and settle for nothing less

If you’re doing the task or someone else is doing the task for you, insist on the best results or at the very least demand improvement over the last task.  Pride should motivate you to do your very best.

Enjoy your work by making it fun and stimulating 

Work that’s fun doesn’t seem like work at all.  Stay stimulated by doing various projects that take you a step closer to the major goal.  Stay happy and productive and you’ll stay motivated.

We become what we think

This quote has been proven over and over again. If we perceive something bad is going to happen to us, many times it does.  On the contrary, if we believe something good is going to happen this often becomes true as well.  Science has affirmed the link between positive effect and its impact on an individual’s motivation and performance.

If we expect the best or we expect the worst, we’re usually not disappointed.  Each time we perceive a positive thought it increases our own perceptions of positive expectancy.

For motivation to last, it requires constant thinking with daily positive reinforcement

In the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is says great teachers have taught us that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe.  Like attracts like and whatever you’re thinking, the law requires that like thoughts are attracted back to you.  In other words, you get what you expect as your thoughts become real so take care to expose yourself only to positive thoughts.

Surround yourself with positive affirmations and you will initiate change in yourself, in your life and in the lives of others.  Positive thoughts enable you to achieve self-confidence and self-esteem.  With these qualities, you can motivate and inspire yourself.

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you and you in them

Most motivational quotes come from learned and successful people and they’re used in the workplace and at home today and throughout the rest of your life.  Just as happiness is contagious as you surround yourself with happy people, positive thinking is derived from surrounding yourself with positive quotes.

Many find it helpful to print up several of their favorite motivational sayings and place them where they’ll be seen frequently each day such as on your desk, your computer or on your mirror.  What you see each day contributes to what your mind thinks and if you’re thinking it, you are consciously or subconsciously working toward that end.

View motivational quotes day after day, night after night

Lucretius said, “Constant dripping hollows out a stone.”  If we persist each day in some small way to achieve our goals then some measure of success will be ours.  An old Chinese proverb cautions too, that, “Talk doesn’t cook rice.”  Too many times we’re all talk and no action.

St. Clement taught, “If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.”

We must hope and dream but we must also work toward our goal. Constant reminders such as these ever-visible quotes steer us on an unwavering path to completion.

Perhaps one of the strongest motivators and risk takers ever was General George S. Patton who said, “Take calculated risks.  That is quite different from being rash.”  Quotes to motivate deliver the mental fuel to improve your life’s implementation.  Expose yourself to these thoughts daily.  What touches you becomes a part of you.

We use our innate motivation skills to acquire the results we seek.  We use these skills on our spouse, our co-workers, and our friends every day to get our way.  It’s a delicate balance between communication and persuasion.  It’s long been said that we attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Use Motivation Rewards to Reach Your Goals

Using rewards to reach a goal is not uncommon.  It’s done all the time in business as employers reward their employees with bonuses, trips and days off for a job well done.  Retail stores motivate their customers to shop with them by offering discounts and loyalty cards you get punched each time you buy something there with the promise of something free the next time you come in.

You may be familiar with the two types of motivation called Intrinsic and Extrinsic.  Intrinsic motivation is when a person is motivated from within him or herself.  They work on a task or project to achieve a goal simply for the love of doing it.  Extrinsic motivation is when a person works on a task or tries to reach a goal, but is rewarded when that goal or steps to that goal are reached.

Whats the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

Studies have shown that intrinsic is a better motivator than extrinsic but most of us are spoiled to the point of not doing something unless we’re rewarded.  Motivation is a behavior you can influence your advantage.

But realize that even a highly motivated person can get discouraged or tired of working on a task if he’s not noticed and rewarded. People need to know they’re appreciated and that their good work does not go unnoticed.

We’re all different and all motivated by different things.  What motivates you may not motivate your spouse or your boss.  It’s a valued skill when you’re able to match the type of motivation with the person to be motivated.  Try different things and when one doesn’t work try another until the desired results are accomplished.

Realistic goals

Begin with a realistic goal but a goal that is challenging and you’ll feel a sense of pride when it’s accomplished.  If you’re trying to lose weight for instance and your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 3 months, reward yourself for every milestone reached.

If you lost 3 pounds in the first month, celebrate by going to lunch with a friend or treat yourself to a pedicure.  (Both men and women enjoy this.)  Be happy with the reward and you’ll start anticipating the loss of your next 3 or 4 pounds.

If you tend to cheat and find it difficult to stick to the rules, work with a friend who will keep track of your progress and administer the reward when they’re earned.  Make the reward irresistible to you and make it worthwhile even though it doesn’t have to be expensive.  The experience you associate with the reward is what will keep you motivated.

Motivation rewards work for almost any desired goal and can work wonders with children.  Remember to have your reward aligned with your goal and you’re on the way to reaching your target with fun and anticipation.

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