How to Schedule Profits on Autopilot for Success

How to Schedule Profits on Autopilot for Success

How to Schedule Profits on Autopilot for Success

Time management can be an Achilles heel for many online marketers. There are some who are busy working an offline job full time, and others trying to juggle parenting duties or health issues while working on building a business.

Along with time management, financial management is very important. Know your books. For example, whenever you make a sale, log it into your ledger. When you meet a client, keep track of your car mileage, etc. Accurate financial management is key to productivity and makes it easier to track your profits/expenses for the upcoming tax season.

It all means you have to become very skilled at maximizing every second of every day – and when you’re already under huge amounts of stress, that can be defeating at times. Let’s take product launches and affiliate marketing for example.


There are specific times and dates involved for both of these issues. Whether you’re launching your own product or promoting someone else’s, it can sometimes be difficult to get everything going right at that exact second.

Buy buttons have to go live, emails have to be sent to affiliates notifying them that the cart is now open, and if you’re promoting for other marketers, then you have to blast your list an email so that you can be among those making sales before everyone else does.

The key to effective marketing is consistency. Market your business again and again. Marketers use the rule of seven. Prospective customers must see or hear about your message seven times before they will consider buying. Choose a less expensive media type that you can afford to use week after week. You’ll find that your marketing efforts can succeed when you’re consistent.


What’s great about this day and age is the concept of automation. Luckily, email autoresponder companies help you balance your life with the scheduling tools they have available to you.

You can create promotional emails to your launches or to other people’s launches – or even email simple blog posts and tip communications to your list – and set the exact date and time you want your email to go out.

So for those people who have hectic schedules or are dealing with caretaking issues or their own health issues – or perhaps have other outside time stress to deal with – this is a blessing that allows you to stay competitive with profits.


The best way to use tools that help you automate your business using schedules is to use them in conjunction with calendars. So for instance, click here and check out CB Passive Income for 2017. Also, will have listings of many upcoming product launches.

You can look ahead by a month or more to see what’s coming out. If you’re an affiliate, you can work on the weekends or whenever you have a free minute to spare to create a bonus and queue up your review and promotion days or even weeks ahead of time.

That way, if you’re not feeling well or you have a lot of parent duties or a hectic work schedule, you’ll still have a viable presence in the launch without having to stress out and worry about being at your computer at that exact moment to participate.

Queue & launch

There are many companies out there that specialize in search engine optimization to help increase your position on the web. However, you can also check your Google, Yahoo! and Bing ranking FREE! By listing your business you will help others find your online presence.

If it’s your own launch, you can queue up the sale and emails and then all you have to do at launch time is log in, make it live and sit back and relax as your affiliates get notified on autopilot as well as your own subscribers.

Finally, imagine a lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. You can work as much as you want or as little as you want. Many people who own their own businesses set up tasks in auto-pilot; which gives them freedom to take a vacation while still making money. I always like to remind myself of this fantastic quote by the late great Muhammed Ali…”If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” You can too!

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