The 5 W of Content Marketing

The 5 W of Content Marketing

Are you using The 5 W of Content Marketing?

As a business marketer it is important to leverage your company’s expertise on your industry. You want to build an audience who are aware of your brand by setting business goals and engaging with customers.

The following 5 Ws of Content Marketing is a good start:

1. Why are you doing content marketing?

There is a strategy to content marketing. First, you want to figure out how it fits into your overall marketing campaign. Second, you want to build a relationship by getting new visitors to your brands awareness and develop a long-term relationship with your existing customers.

2. Who are you marketing your content?

It’s important to understand your audience when creating content. Learn as much as you can about your competitors. Study your competitors objectives. How do you compare to their website visitors and social media fans? How can you fulfill your own marketing strategies in a unique way to your customers?

3. What type of ‘call to action’ do you want your content marketing to convey?

Do you want your customers to buy your products and/or services? What are you trying to achieve with your content marketing? Answers to these questions will allow you to identify your target market by writing specific content to their needs.

4. Where are you promoting your content marketing?

Find out where your customers are hanging out and then promote your on- site content like crazy at those places. Places like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. (where most people are) should be looked into as part of your content marketing goals. Cross promote your content with non competitor publishers to further amplify your reach.

5. When is it a good time to publish and promote your content marketing?

Decide when to maximize your contents timeline. It’s important to learn when to promote during the right peak hours. Keep a calendar with data specific information of high potential performances. Evaluate when someones curiosity has been peeked by keeping record of when they interacted with your content. Did you promote using a video, media etc., note it down. Allocate all the resources that has helped you with content marketing by rinsing and repeating. These methods will allow you to track and increase content visibility by maximizing performance.

Remember the overall goal is to set content marketing campaign strategies for the expectations of long term sales!

Are you executing the above 5 W of Content Marketing on your site? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you.

About the author: Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog, and biz owner at Books About Me. She also contributes at The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom blog. For additional powerful business articles and Internet marketing tips for maintaining a successful home-based business, subscribe to her newsletter above or below.

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