The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Headlines

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Headlines

Discover the good the bad & the ugly of headlines in this article.

The good:

Creating a good and effective headline is an important part of posting an article that will be read. There are many different reasons why a headline title may fail. If the headline does not add value to your post, people will simply not bother to read the rest of your article. It only makes sense that a firm understanding of those to whom you are writing is critical to headline success.

The bad:

The truth is there is definitely a difference between a bad headline vs. a great headline. A bad headline may not entice a reader to want to read more of what you’ve written. A great headline will grab your reader’s attention and make them want to read what your site has to offer. You want to create a connection on the part of the reader. What can you write about that will benefit the reader?

A lot of copywriters include a strong benefit as well as some way to touch on emotional triggers. Following are a list of words to include on your headline(s) to encourage action:

  • How to _____ in just a few hours
  • ____ easy steps a blogger should know
  • Questions you should ask before _____
  • Key benefits of ______
  • It is important to ______ for success
  • The Secrets of _____ get your FREE guide
  • Amazing _____ videos
  • 10 proven tips on _______
  • A new way of _____ that’s proven to work
  • Simple resources to ______ your business
  • Facts about you that will ______ your fans
  • For a limited time get your copy of ______

How to headlines

Readers enjoy headlines that give them a clear list of how to do something. They look forward to how your content is going to help them achieve and solve their problems and/or make their lives easier.

Number headlines

Headlines with a number outlining specific steps, are always a winner. People love to know how many things they need to achieve in order to succeed in something. Using numbers on your headlines will help cut to the chase.

Question headlines

If you start a headline with a question, it opens up the door for curious readers who want to get the answer to it. There is a very natural response that people have when they see a compelling question. There have been some very effective headlines over the years that consisted of just the question and nothing else.

Controversial headlines

Headlines that offer a controversial title allow readers to contribute their own opinions, thoughts and beliefs in the form of comments. Regardless of whether your headline is controversial, you want to allow your readers to engage by commenting and adding to the conversation. A powerful headline is key to interaction.

Important headlines

Headlines of this nature make readers take notice. They hang on to every word and they don’t want to miss anything you have written.

FREE headlines

The word ‘free’ in a headline is a powerful motivator to anyone on a budget. It can help build traffic when people know you’re offering something for free.

Amazing headlines

These headlines grab a reader’s attention. Combine with other powerful trigger words to make your article simply amazing.

Proven headlines

This type of headline takes the risk out because it is tried and true. You are writing something that is proven and you know it can help others who are unsure. Be very careful when writing an article with the word ‘proven’ as a headline. You must be certain it is factual information.

New headlines

This headline makes people curious; is it a breakthrough product? Can it benefit and make someone’s life better? You must be certain to offer facts within your written article.

Simple headlines

Is it better than easy, but closely related? People love it when something is simple and not hard to do. If your article can make a reader’s life easier, then use this powerful emotional trigger word in your headline.

For a limited time headlines

Using the word ‘limited’ in your headline makes it exclusive or at least hard to get. People are always looking for the next best thing. If you can offer it, mention it in your headline.

The ugly:

If you do not have much experience with headlines, then you need to work from templates or other headlines that have been proven to work. This is why you should try to keep it concise and to the point. Your headline should encourage your readers and every word has to count as effective for the rest of your story.

One thing to avoid at all cost is producing a confusing headline or something that is close to being hard to understand. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve with your headline, you should focus on the biggest benefit that you have to offer your readers and embed it into your headline first and foremost.

Make sure your readers will gain knowledge throughout reading the rest of your quality content by making it exclusive to their needs and you’ll find that your articles will get appreciated.

I hope you have enough belief with the above so you can move forward and learn how to make your own headlines that are successful. In time, you will notice that there are so many different things that can make a headline succeed or fail. It’s all about trial and error. If you decide to work hard, experiment and try new stuff, you’ll soon discover that you can produce headlines that are impressive for your own target audience.

Can you add additional emotional trigger words that have worked for your site? Please share in the comments below.

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