Three Tips For Getting More Followers On Twitter

Three Tips For Getting More Followers On Twitter If you are on Twitter and you are not getting the followers you want, there are some things you should and should not do.  Many people make mistakes when they are on Twitter and they don’t even know that they are making them.  This is not a good thing as Twitter does emphasize the amount of followers you have and for businesses, Google looks at this as well for SEO ranking.  It is not only about the number of followers either; you also have to have interaction with them such as retweets.  Below are three tips for getting more followers on Twitter.

Make Sure you are Interacting with Your Followers

If you want to keep your followers and you want to gain more then you need to be interactive with them.  You can always buy more followers until you boost your own numbers and many do, even famous people, but you still need to interact with the followers you have in order for Goggle to recognize them.  If you get tweets from your followers make sure that you follow up on them and tweet them back.  Once they see that you are involved, they will continue to tweet and retweet you and their friends will also follow you because of this.

Make Interesting Tweets

One sure fire way to get more followers is to make interesting tweets that people want to read.  Being the first one to post news is a great way to retweeted because many people get their news from social media first before they even watch the news.  Social media can spread good and bad news faster than even the big news networks can so there are a large number of people who don’t watch the news, they read their social media sites for their news updates.  You can also tweet interesting information about your company or about contests.  These are also tweets that are retweeted and will bring you more followers because they want to know what you’ll post next.

Geotag Your Twitter

One of the best ways to get more followers is to geotag your company’s physical location because this offers you more local followers.  If you have a restaurant or a brick and mortar store, people will be more interested in going to that location when they know that it is nearby.  And if you are tweeting interesting information about your business, they will want to come in and see for themselves what you have to offer.  You can also offer special deals to those who follow you locally and who retweet you.  You can have them show you their retweet and they get a percentage off their purchase. 

It can seem difficult to get more followers on Twitter but if you do the three things above you are almost guaranteed to have more followers.  Make sure you interact with your followers and that you have tweets that are interesting and that people want to read.  Finally, geotag your location so those who live near you can benefit from following your tweets.

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