Tips for A Successful Email and Mobile Marketing Campaign

Tips for A Successful Email and Mobile Marketing Campaign

Many people feel email marketing is dead. On the contrary,  email marketing remains the predominant form of communication in the business space.

The big question is how do consumers and business people read and interact with their emails whom are now reading and interacting via their mobile devices?

The answer is quite simple. If you’re a business marketer, then your site has to be mobile-friendly. Check out the following tips for a successful email and mobile marketing campaign below:

Email Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing:

It is critical to allow someone who is using a mobile phone the ability to click on your site; and that it be a good experience. Your emails must be optimized for a good mobile-friendly navigation. You must provide a good impression from the get-go on both marketing environments or your customers will go elsewhere.

As marketers, we must understand how emails render on mobile devices. There are many email service providers which offer preview services. Check with your own email provider on this very important step.

Design Tips  for A Successful Email and Mobile Marketing Campaign to Implement:

A good way to check for a good mobile experience is the design of your emails.

Email Size:

  • You might want to narrow the width of your emails to between 500 and 550 pixels.

Font Size:

  • Increase your font sizes. In certain mobile devices, emails will  be re-sized. Remember, keep your body copy to a font size of 13 so you have a better chance of having the email seen the way you want.

Image Size:

  • Images should not be large. The larger the image the more your content message will be pushed down. Eliminate the need to scroll too much to read.


  •  Try not to clump too many links together. Make it easy for a mobile user to click on a correct link.


  • Define how your message will be delivered on request for additional information. Is it a brochure? How would it look like for mobile users?


  • Can you offer relevant mobile applications to your email recipients of a certain product with a “call to action” option?


The above tips are all important steps. Easy viewing and navigation is key to a successful email and mobile marketing campaign. With the new age of mobile devices, it is important to provide an email subscriber with a compelling and user-friendly experience.

Email Statistics

There are 4 billion email accounts in the world to date, of which 100 billion emails are sent out a day;  according to Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report of 2013-2017.

Therefore, email marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. The challenge is to accommodate and identify many users who prefer to view email content via their mobile devices.

Remember, a consumers’ expectation is rapidly moving in different directions. Marketers need to keep up with all of the technological changes including how to market via electronic devices. Plain email marketing is no longer the norm, we are in for new and exciting changes.

Don’t be left behind!

Do you agree with the above Tips  for A Successful Email and Mobile Marketing Campaign? Share with us in the comments below.

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