Want to Boost Your Blog – Use These 15 Helpful Links

Want to Boost Your Blog - Use These 15 Helpful Links


Want to Boost Your Blog – Use These 15 Helpful Links by clicking on each numbered sub-heading below.

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. I remember when I began posting articles for “My Fashion E-Mall Blog” back in 2006.  My goal at the time was to talk about fashion. Although, I love fashion and was successful selling on eBay, I decided to shift my writing goals toward business marketing.

Today, I’m grateful to see how much my subscriber list, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts have and continue to grow. It is all thanks to you! 🙂

1. 5 Steps to Customer Loyalty

I talk about customer loyalty and how important customers are in your day to day business. lie with their bank accounts, and you can’t blame people for watching their shrinking dollars.

2. Are You Making These 5 Content Marketing Mistakes

Now that you have business network marketing down packed, the following article talks about avoiding content marketing mistakes while you move forward with your campaigns.

3. 4 Tips on How to Handle The Challenges of a Home-Based Business

Those of us with home based businesses know the challenges it takes to make it succeed. This article will help you figure it all out.

4. Does Your Home Based Business Idea Have Market Potential

Your home based business ideas need a market to cater too. Market research is golden to the success of your business. The key is to identify a niche and a need in the marketplace. Does Your Home Based Business Idea Have Market Potential? Click on the link above to find out.

5. How to Offer Freebies at Your Website for Repeat Visitors

The key to a successful website is to build credibility so that your visitors will continue to refer to you for resolutions to their problems.

6. How to Promote Your Home Based Business on A Shoestring Budget

I get asked this question many times and hope that the following information will help you with promoting your home based business without breaking the bank so to speak.

7. 5 Tips On How To Organize Your Business Paperwork

If you organize your home-office properly from the very beginning, the paper work won’t bog you down and you won’t feel overwhelmed. Click link above to find out how.

8. 10 Basic Tips on Home Office Deductions for Your Business

More and more people are finding ways to start their own home-based business. The greatest benefit of working from home is the ability to save you taxes by deducting expenses when the new tax season rolls around. Read the article to find out more.

9. Simple Tips on How to Effectively Write for Blogs

Writing articles for your blog is an essential part of the entire blog process. Let your readers get to know you first and foremost. Be yourself as you write and your personality will shine through. Engage your readers with your writing and provide the type of information that will benefit them.

10. How to Attract Interest Back to Your Blog

If you’ve noticed a decline in your blog page views, then it’s time to start attracting interest back to your blog with these tips.

11. Infographic – The 5 Ws To A Successful Blog

Writing a blog takes time, energy and a lot of patience. Learning the right tools will help you have a great head start.

12. How to Increase Traffic to Your New Blog

You’ve been working hard and you’re ready to launch, but probably wondering how to increase traffic to your new blog. This article will teach you how.

13. 5 Social Media Networking Tips for Business

If you own a business, networking is a must! Networking is meeting people and having the ability to tell them who you are and what you do in a precise and interesting manner.

14. Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Success

Social media marketing has become a supplemental service among website owners, SEO specialists, eCommerce experts and business owners. This article will explain how.

15. 3 Simple Ways To Drive More Website Traffic From Social Media

It seems that every day we see more and more people jumping on the social media train.  While SEO continues to get more and more competitive, companies are looking to social networks to not only build a brand, but also to build real lasting relationships, which lead to lasting customers.

I hope the above article Want to Boost Your Blog – Use These 15 Helpful Links will benefit you in your business blogging journey as well. As always, thank you for being a loyal reader.

About the author: Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog & The Biz Buzz of A Latina Mom Blog. She is also owner at Books About Me. Sign up for the newsletter and never miss a powerful business marketing article plus receive a FREE eBook on ‘How to Rock Your Business with A Blog’.


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Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of MyFashionE-MallBlog.net TheBizBuzzOfALatinaMomblogspot.com/ & owner of BooksAboutMe.net. Writing & sharing powerful business marketing articles on starting & maintaining a lucrative work-at-home business is a passion.

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