What Are The 7 Basic Rules of Internet Marketing

What Are The 7 Basic Rules of Internet Marketing

What Are The 7 Basic Rules of Internet Marketing?

I get asked that question all the time and I thought why not write an article about the 7 basic rules I believe work:

Internet marketing strategies consist of driving targeted (people who are interested in what you have to offer) traffic to your website, blog, and/or sales page. In return, that traffic then has to be converted into sales for your business success. The following formula illustrates this process:

Traffic + Conversions = Sales

Simple right? Learning this formula will help you in your Internet marketing efforts. This formula lets you realize that you not only have to generate traffic but also convert those visitors into buyers (sales).

With that being said, below are the 7 basic rules to keep in mind:

What does it take?

1. All marketing involves risk taking

Whether you are trying something new or “copying” a strategy that has brought good results for others, there is still an element of risk.

For internet marketing, we try to reduce the risk and swing the odds in our favor by doing keyword research, learning skills like ad writing, article marketing, pay per click, and other general marketing activities such as knowing who your target market is.

Risk taking is critical for any business to succeed. You can’t win without risking something. For example, you could be risking time, inventory, money, performance, etc. Either way, risk taking goes along with building a business. When you take risks, it shows you care enough to go the extra mile for growth and business success.

2. Small scale testing

In addition to risk taking, you want to be careful by first testing your marketing approach on a small scale. If it works, then increase the scale and create momentum. Testing in small increments will allow you to focus on different sections of your marketing plan so that you can implement your findings and create success for your business.

3. Be consistent

Successful marketers do something to propel themselves to move forward every day. A good practice is to create a to-do list featuring 5 actions that you must complete each and every day. Engaging your subconscious mind with a daily habit of what needs to be done, can help you keep track and target those actions by completing the tasks at hand. This is a very powerful process. Try to do this at least once a day, until it becomes second nature.

4. Set a budget

Determine what you can afford to spend in advertising on a monthly basis. A monthly budget can help you manage your business expectations and prevent you from trying things you cannot afford.

5. Diversify

Diversifying your efforts as much as you can over many different sources can help reduce your risk by discovering what works. Remember that if one Internet marketing method does not produce results, you haven’t failed. It only means that you are one step closer to finding something that WILL work. Keep your options open to bigger and better things.

6. Learn how to write effectively

The one skill that will make or break you in Internet marketing is copy-writing.

It is especially important to learn how to write headlines. There are many books and online websites that teach you how to write headlines and copy-writing.

7. Take action, test, and track

Tracking, taking action and testing are all essential methods you must incorporate into your business. It is important to know the results of your marketing efforts. Once you start getting results, you can employ simple tests to see if you can improve.

One such strategy is split testing. You can do this for free, and it can provide you with incredible returns. Split testing involves making slight changes to a landing page,  an ad-words ad, and/or a Facebook/Twitter ad. Often times, just the wording of a headline and testing it against different versions, can give you answers into what does and doesn’t work.

Simple and effective changes can double the productivity of an ad. Internet marketing takes dedicated hard work. With the right action, testing and tracking, you can create massive results.

Do you agree with the above 7 Basic Rules to Internet Marketing? Please share by leaving your comments below.

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